Teen Bedroom Ideas Your Kid Will Love

The realization that your kid is a teenager can be unexpected sometimes. Suddenly, the things they used to love when they were kids — namely, superhero posters, Disney princess figurines, and plushies aplenty — aren’t as coveted anymore.

In fact, they’re probably begging you for a makeover that’s more suited to their developing tastes. Though it might sound tricky, the good news is numerous teen bedroom ideas can take your kid’s room to the next level.

Teen bedrooms are all about self-expression. At that age, your teen is trying to discover their individuality. They choose to explore their identities by expressing themselves through their clothes, the music they listen to, and even their choice of teen room decor.

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But in addition to capturing their personality, your teen’s bedroom also needs to be a place for rest and relaxation. Here are some teen bedroom ideas that strike the perfect balance between a chill hangout spot and a cozy sanctuary.

Make Comfort A Priority

When you’re decorating your teen’s bedroom, you need to think of many factors. Because so many different considerations are at play, it can be easy to overlook the essential: the bedroom needs to be a place for rest.

In particular, teenagers are more prone to sleep deprivation. Many of them sleep less than 7 hours, and about 85% don’t get the recommended 8 to 10 hours of sleep. One of the most important teen bedroom ideas is prioritizing comfort when you’re redecorating your teen’s bedroom.

Before you invest in the most comfortable mattress for a good night’s rest, be sure to consider mattress sizes. Your teen is likely going to spend most of their time in their room, so it’s essential not to pick a bed that’s too large and eats up room space. On the other hand, a small bed might be uncomfortable, especially if your teen is going through a growth spurt.

To figure out which standard mattress sizes are suitable, measure your teen’s room’s dimensions first before making any investments. After you find a fitting mattress size, focus on amping up the comfort levels with the best mattress, pillow, and other high-quality bedding to help your teen catch better Zs.

Keep It Versatile

It might feel like your teenager outgrew their Paw Patrol phase in the blink of an eye, but it’s essential to keep in mind that it’s almost guaranteed to happen again. Teenagers’ tastes are ever-evolving, so even if their idea of a dream room is an 80s-inspired neon nightmare, try to enforce versatility so that they’re not stuck with a room they hate until they leave for college.

Indulge their interests and teen bedroom ideas, but try to maintain a fairly neutral scheme so that you and your teen can use it as a blank canvas anytime the urge to redecorate strikes. But versatile doesn’t need to feel like you’re trying to play it safe.

An easy way to infuse some personality into a neutral room is with removable wallpaper. Colorful throw pillows, unique decor pieces, and patterned rugs are also ideal for sprucing up your teen’s room and giving it some character.

Get Creative With Space

A teenager’s room needs to serve many functions, almost like a studio apartment. Your teen’s room is several things — it’s a place to study, spend time with friends, lounge, and sleep. Since you might be working with limited space, explore creative teen bedroom ideas to create a room your teenager will love.

When it comes to incorporating different teen bedroom ideas, carving out zones in the room can also help you decorate creatively and effectively.  As a starting point, consider investing in some kind of space-saving seating arrangement that can serve as the designated hangout spot.

Beanbags, floor cushions, and ottomans are good options if you’re looking for something that’s laidback and doesn’t take up too much room. For doing homework and studying, a small table and chair can come in handy. If your kid needs storage space to keep their books, floating wall shelves are a great alternative to a bulky desk with drawers.

Collaborate With Your Teen

Since teens spend more time in their rooms than anywhere else in the home, don’t forget to involve them in the decorating process. Even if your teen might not be interested in every aspect of the room makeover, it’s imperative to have a conversation with them about what they want.

Understanding your teen’s needs and knowing exactly what they want their room to say about them can help both make informed choices when it’s time to decorate. Collaborating might seem like a surefire way to butt heads, but it doesn’t need to be. Encouraging your kid to take inspiration from teen bedroom ideas to create a dreamy space can be rewarding for you and your teen.

In case your teen’s ideas seem impractical, gently nudge them in a different direction, but give them the freedom to decorate however they please. At the end of the day, your teen’s room is a reflection of their personality, so it’s important to allow them to let their individuality sparkle.

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