The Color Pink Makes People Happy In Europe!

Pink is my favorite color. Is that why I’m writing this article? Probably. If it were socially acceptable in my line of work, I would wear a pink suit with pink high heel shoes every day of the week. This article is like the movie Legally Blonde on steroids. I love it!

There is a little country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe called Latvia. The Latvians have had an exceptionally rough time economically in the past year (their economy dropped 18% in 2009). As a result, a group of ladies in the “Latvian Association of Blondes” decided to take matters into their own hands and cheer up their nation!

Hundreds of blondes wearing pink and white participated in a very happy “Go Blonde!” parade last weekend. Some of the blondes were natural, some were bleached and some were dark haired women with blonde wigs. It was all in good fun (yay!). This was the second year in a row for this event, which got International attention. They even raised some money for charity, but best of all, the residents of Latvia smiled and forgot their troubles for the day despite the gloomy times they’ve experienced recently.

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