The Evolution Of The Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Since I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur since 2000, I love writing about it. Currently I own an Apple certified consulting firm in Atlanta, and I’m also a writer here at Bit Rebels and Ink Rebels. Have you ever wondered where the concept of being an entrepreneur started? Entrepreneurship probably started way before the advanced concept of employee and employer, right?

As you know, an entrepreneur can come in all different forms. I wrote an article the other day about a woman who discovered how to live happily with no money. She’s been on several talk shows and been interviewed by many influential people. It occurred to me after I wrote that… She is an entrepreneur also. She is just not as recognizable as the rest of us. If you are considering starting your own business, you might want to check out these other entrepreneur articles on Bit Rebels also.

My favorite ones to write were How To: Think Like An Entrepreneur, Richard Branson’s Entrepreneurial Philosophies, The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Taking A Vacation and Global Entrepreneurial Costs & Success Rates. When I saw this infographic by Grasshopper Group, I had to laugh. If you work for yourself, I’m sure it will give you a little giggle too. According to this, entrepreneurship started back in the caveman days, and it has evolved all the way to the social media thinkers we are today. So cute. :)

When Entrepreneurs Began Their Journey

Via: [Best Infographics]