The Healing Power Of Banana Peels

Apparently banana peels are a kind of miracle drug, and I’m just now finding out about it. Since I’m not a big fan of medicine, I’m really excited about this. I’m all for taking a piece of tape and attaching a banana peel to my body if it will do what some people claim. I might look like an idiot, but I’ll smell like a sweet banana split. Heeeeeey!

My question is, do I have to actually rub the banana peel on my body or can I make banana pudding and use it as a body cream? Ok, I know, this is getting gross, or tasty, depending on how you look at it. These banana peel cures are nothing new. I’ve found evidence of these claims on the Internet as far back as 2004. Have you ever tried a banana peel for any of these purposes? Does it really work? Yup, I’m picking up a bunch of these badboys today. I wonder if it matters how ripe they are.

Creative Uses For Banana Peels

1. Removes Splinters – Forget sticking yourself with a pin to get a splinter out! Just tape a piece of banana peel to your splinter and within ten minutes, the enzymes will remove the wood.

2. Relieves Mosquito Bites and Poison Ivy Itching – Just rub your banana peel on your bug bites and rashes to stop the itching. This will come in handy here in Atlanta since we have gigantic Tiger mosquitoes that love to munch on me.

3. Makes Wrinkles and Headaches Disappear – Rubbing a banana peel on your forehead over and over will do three things… Make your wrinkles go away, make your headache go away and make you look like you are completely insane.

4. Relieves Pain From Burns and Scrapes – Your little one fell off his bike and scraped his knee? Just grab a banana peel from the kitchen and let him rub it on his scrape. His pain will be gone before you know it.

Apparently banana peels are also good for shoe shining, polishing silver and making the garden grow better. Wow, who ever knew? Click on the source links below for more information about how you can get the most out of your banana peels.

Healing Power Of Banana Peels

Healing Power Of Banana Peels

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