Drunk Brownies: Chocolate Brownie Pudding Vodka Shots

Creative artistry doesn’t just manifest on paper or in a LEGO build of some sort, it also expresses itself in the kitchen for some people. I could write about unusual food designs all day long, and sometimes I have to remind myself that this isn’t a food blog. There are still a few things that come along which I can’t resist sharing with you, and this one is definitely worth it. I don’t know how Erica at Sweet Tooth keeps coming up with unique ways to make vodka shots for her parties, but she does. I bet that girl is a blast to hang out with.

I’ve already written about two of her vodka shot yummies. You can check those out at Watermelon Jello Vodka Shots and Happy Birthday Cupcake Vodka Shots. Today I’d like to share with you her Chocolate Brownie Pudding Shots which come complete with edible shot glass (which are the brownies). You just pop one of these badboys into your mouth and feel the love.

To make these, she used the Cupcake brand of Devil’s Food chocolate flavored vodka. You only need four things to make these. You’ll need the brownie mix, a box of instant chocolate pudding, milk and vodka. What you’ll actually be making are little brownie bites. You can click over to Erica’s post at Chocolate Brownie Pudding Shots to get the complete recipe and tutorial. If you are hunting for another type of vodka shot creation, you might find what you are looking for on 10 Remarkable Jello Shot Designs. It’s amazing what people can create with a box of Jello and some vodka. I like Erica’s idea better though. Add some chocolate pudding to the mix. Like they say, there is nothing in the world that chocolate can’t fix.

Brownie Bite Shot Glasses & Chocolate Pudding Vodka Shots




Via: [Sweet Tooth]