How To Squeeze More Lemon Out Of Your Lemon [Video]

It’s funny how we always stick to doing things the way we were taught as kids. It just seems simpler that way, right? It could be everything really, from the way we button our shirts to how we brush our teeth. But as always, there are things we can do to optimize our ways of doing things if we are just prepared to do them a little bit differently. It doesn’t take a lot of energy out of us to change our ways, it’s just that we are so used to doing things our own way that we kind of resist change. I am sure you know what I mean, and you have probably been in that position yourself at some point in your life. It becomes apparent when you have a friend who does things differently than you do.

Have you ever wondered how you could squeeze more juice out of your lemon? No? There are some people who think about these kinds of things on a daily basis, and they try desperately to get a little more for their buck. It so happens that you can actually get more juice out of your lemon without having to go through a difficult processes or use a million different gadgets. All you really need is a lemon, a bowl and a microwave.

A microwave? Yup, that is what’s going to separate the lemon juice from the lemon meat inside the lemon. It’s super simple too! Just take a knife and pierce the lemon a few times, put it in the microwave for 20 seconds and then it’s all about the squeeze. You will easily get more lemon juice out of your lemon with this simple life hack. See, life doesn’t have to be all about getting more to get more, if you know what I mean. It can simply be about having the same and still getting more. Yeah, I think we’ll leave this alone now before I twist this around too much to even know how to get back to the simplicity of it. There you go, your own lemon hack of the day!


Via: [RocketNews24]