The Importance Of A Healthy Work Environment [Infographic]

Considering the amount of time we spend in the office, at home or in some coffee shop working feverishly over a computer for work, it is important that we do it as healthily as possible. The right temperature, proper lighting, calming colors and a little greenery will go a long way to keeping you healthy at work apparently.

Clearly these people have never worked in any office that I worked in because the decoration was the least of my worries. But it seems for people with reasonable office jobs and not those working in advertising or marketing, these tips will make a big difference to your health.

One thing I found interesting in this Wellness At Work: Anatomy Of A Healthy Workplace infographic was the part about ‘walking meetings.’ I remembered that Steve Jobs would often be seen walking around the areas he worked and lived, right up until he passed away. Clearly, knowing the brilliance of Steve, there must be something in this. Although, again, I find it hard to see the stream of art directors and graphic designers trying to walk and scribble ideas at the same time. It could lead to a series of lawsuits in our office if we didn’t keep these to discussion only meetings since Art Directors and designers start bouncing off every obstacle in the road.

Smart snacking is another interesting point since I have often returned home after a day or a day and an overnight stint at work and found it hard to recall the last food I had eaten, which is why services like Aramark micro markets in the workplace are growing in popularity. I was wired to the max on coffee though. It didn’t take me long to create a series of long diary entries to discovery that the only thing I had eaten was a chocolate bar hurled at me by the Account Director during the first presentation of ideas. Clearly in my new companies, office environment will be a key to creating the right atmosphere for people to work, especially when you see that 1 in 3 workers has accepted or left a job due to the condition of the building and/or amenities offered. Although, using aqua or lavender, due to their calming qualities, is not really going to be an option for me I’m afraid.

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Via: [Intuit]