The New Fashion: Wear Your Own Art!

What do you wear on those days when you are feeling fun and creative but you have nothing in your closet that matches your mood? Wear one of these dresses and you’ll be able to color it with special pens so that it matches your favorite shoes or your big smile.

What’s the good news? You’ll never have to worry again about showing up to a party in the same dress as another woman. What’s the bad news? There were only 50 of these dresses produced, and they sell for about 250 euros (about US $350).

These fabulous conversation pieces were created by Dutch designer Berber Soepboer along with Michiel Schuurman. According to, Berber Soepboer said, “I design clothing which can be worn in different ways so it is versatile. The result is a reaction to fast-moving fashion and the dress will be unique.”

This dress makes the phrase “Don’t get magic marker on your clothes” obsolete. I want one for sure!