The Only Animal That Can Live Forever – Do You Know What It Is?

Today I would like to share with you an interesting little tidbit of knowledge that you will probably never use again, but it’s just so darn cool I have to tell you about it.

In our youth-obsessed society, we are always looking for ways to look younger. Whether it’s an expensive moisturizer, plastic surgery, or even just a promising new hairstyle, it seems many of us will try just about anything.

Even with all our hard work, it seems there is no such thing as a fountain-of-youth, or is there… the Turritopsis nutricula, a species of jellyfish, has figured it all out. This jellyfish has developed a way to change itself from an adult back to the polyp stage (infant), and back and forth, which in effect allows it to live forever. This jellyfish has not always been able to do this, it’s a relatively new skill. It is quite a feat to figure out how to be an immortal jellyfish when most of them don’t live more than a few months.

Apparently biologists everywhere are all freaked out that these jellyfish will take over the ocean since they reproduce rapidly and can now stay alive forever. Relax guys, I want to remind you of two things: First, just because they can live forever doesn’t mean that predators can’t gobble them up. And secondly, when fully grown, they are as big as a pinky fingernail. They look kinda cute to me!

Thank you!