The World’s Largest Coffee Cup (That You Can Actually Hold)

I love coffee so much that I think it should be its own food group. It just never gets old, and there’s so many different ways to drink it. My favorite way to drink coffee is in the form of a Caramel Macchaito from Starbucks, but when I realized each small one of those has 240 calories and 34 carbs, well, let’s just say I am back to black coffee with a little sugar-free creamer.

Normally we all drink coffee in a standard coffee mug, right? Have you ever wondered what the world’s largest coffee cup looks like? Here it is below. It holds 20 cups of coffee, which would be about 14 cups of coffee in my world since I don’t drink it in those dainty cups that just tease you. I drink mine in a man-sized mug baby. This porcelain cup is 6 inches tall and 10 inches in diameter. If you would like to order one, you can pick it up for about $48 over at Archie McPhee.

Like the title says, this is the world’s largest cup of coffee that you can actually hold and drink out of. The actual largest cup of coffee, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is the one created in 2010 by Gourmet Gift Baskets which holds 2,101 gallons of coffee. It’s 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide. However, that doesn’t count since the only way to drink out of that badboy would be to climb in it!

Huge Gigantic Coffee Cup

Huge Gigantic Coffee Cup

Via: [Book of Joe]