This Is A Tiny Mobile House, But It Has Everything!

Just when I started to think that we’ve nudged the edge of what could be done as far as limited living space, I get the rug pulled out from under my feet. We’ve covered many unique and inspiring living solutions here at Bit Rebels, but this one must certainly win the competition for being the smallest real house ever built. You can actually live in it, and you can do it without feeling like a circus freak on the road. Well, maybe a little.

This solution and awesome concept make me think about those fairy tales we were told as a child. I’m talking about the kind that were mostly text, but still had a couple of pictures to push us into that imagination realm. After all, it was all about our imagination back then… and here at Bit Rebels, I think we’re frenetically trying to hold onto that.

Built and designed by Jay Shafer, this tiny house is a wonder in itself really. In it is pretty much everything, even down to a fireplace. It may be small, but it’s existent anyways. Jay says his reason for living in these houses for the last 10 years (he’s built 3 of them so far) is because he hates vacuuming and dusting things he’s not using, also he has environmental reasons. However, I wonder if I could manage to live in less than 100 square feet. I would be climbing the walls in minutes I think.