This Is What An $11 Million Dollar Christmas Tree Looks Like!

Have you purchased your Christmas tree yet, or will you use that plastic one from last year? Christmas tree shopping can be quite a task if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Even when you do know what you’re looking for, it can be quite hard to find the perfect one if your wallet is thin from all the Christmas presents you’ve bought. Money goes quickly during Christmas time, and it’s important to keep a straight head and not get carried away. However, a Christmas tree is a must and there is no getting around it even if you want to. Well, maybe you could just use all of those left over soda bottles and create your own. That certainly seems to be a popular thing these days…

But if you’re among the lucky ones with a wallet still thick enough to impress even the sultans in Abu Dhabi, then you’re in luck because recently the world’s most expensive Christmas tree was unveiled at the Emirates Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The price tag for this beauty is $11 million dollars, and the tree measures a whopping 42 feet tall. Even though the tree itself is artificial, it alone costs $10,000.

The money really lies in the ornaments. There are everything from diamond earrings, bracelets, pearl necklaces and expensive watches. All the jewelry displayed on the tree is from a local jeweler named Style Gallery. So if you’re thinking about beating this tree in both fashion and cost, then be ready to cough up at least $11 million bucks. It suddenly got quiet in here…