Tips On Being The Best Caregiver For Your Family Member That Is Sick

As people age, they naturally have deteriorating health conditions, weak body, and chronic diseases. Performing the basic functions of life becomes a problem for them, and living a normal life beyond imagination. That’s when they need help from a caregiver.

Do you know half of the American adults are dealing with at least one chronic disease that requires a caregiver? Some people choose  CDPAP, or the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, where they have more freedom to choose who should be their caregiver, while others rely on their relatives for caregiving.

More than 40 million Americans have to play the role of the caregiver for aged grandparents, a disabled sibling, or a spouse dealing with mental health conditions. Caregivers are like a ray of hope for such people who shower them with their care, love, affection, and loyalty. Caregivers make others’ life a bit better, bearable, and improve the quality of their life with their attention.

If you are also in a situation where you have to turn into a caregiver for someone, then here are some tips for you to perform your duty in the best way possible.

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Give Them Confidence

People suffering from an illness, or physical issue lose their hope in life. And they also lose their confidence when they have to depend on others for the fulfillment of their life’s basic needs. You are the one who has to build confidence in them to return to life and restore faith in themselves and life’s happiness. Don’t impose your idea forcefully or stress over things. Be patient, but consistent while counseling them, because only then will they trust your words and agree to come back to a more normal life.

Be Proactive

People undergoing caregiving feel overburdened and guilty, so they don’t feel comfortable while asking for help. You should take care of them proactively. Don’t ask them questions like, “may I help you”, because they might refuse. Instead, keep an eye on their needs and help them without asking.

Show Your Care

It is obvious that you care for them, that’s why you are with them. But they might think that you are just doing it as a duty, not because you care for them. No matter how much you say that you care, it will not be as effective as your action. So, show your care through little gestures. Take out some time to talk about little things, smile while talking to them, take them for a walk, watch television together, and hug them as much as you can. These are little gestures that can show that you are there for them not to fulfill a duty, but because you love them.

Take Care of Yourself

Sometimes, caregiving demands so much that the caregiver forgets to take care of themselves. Days of sleeplessness, imbalanced eating patterns, and inadequate rest can deteriorate your physical and mental health. But remember, you can only take care of your loved one if you are in good condition. So, don’t forget to take care of yourself, along with caring for others. Try to get to sleep on time, complete your sleeping hours, don’t miss meals, and find activities to relax your mind.

Don’t Mind Asking for Help

Don’t suppress your cry for help if you think that things are getting beyond your control. If you are stressed out, can’t manage your personal tasks, or feel your own health is going down, ask for help. This helping hand can be from another family member, a close friend, or helper who is willingly ready to help you during this hard time. Don’t shy away from accepting that reached out hand. It will make things a lot easier for you!

Caregiving is not an easy task as you have to put your life and effort into taking care of others. It can be tiring, but one smile of the person being cared for can make it all worthwhile. Make sure you become the reason for that one smile.

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