Tips For Finding The Best Bean Bags For Kids

Kids have special needs, even when it comes to which bean bags (bean bag chairs) to buy them. For example, you don’t want a bean bag that’s not durable because you can bet your kids will jump on the bean bag. You also want one that can get a little dirty because you know your kids aren’t always going to abide by your “no drinks in your room” rule. Here are some tips to help you find the best bean bags for kids that will delight you both.

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As mentioned above, there are different bean bag seats, and you definitely need a durable bean bag chair when you’re shopping for your kids. The most durable options are those that have an inner bag that contains the bean bag filling that is encased in a cover made out of tough material. This is because if the cover does happen to get torn, the bean bag filling won’t spill out all over your floor. As you may realize, this can be a challenging mess to clean up, especially if the bean bag is full of tiny styrofoam or polystyrene beads.

This inner bag should be sealed with a locking zipper that can only be opened by an adult. This will prevent prankster kids from intentionally opening the bean bag to get to the filling. The softness of a bean bag can cause curious kids to want to know what’s inside. A locking zipper will keep those curious kids from making a huge mess.

The cover of your bean bag should be constructed out of durable material as well. The best materials for children are cotton blend fabrics, such as cotton-spandex blend, which is soft, but stretchy. Short of cutting this material with scissors or a knife, a cover made out of this material or a similar one will withstand almost anything your kids can throw at it.


As much as you try, you won’t be able to keep your kids from spilling something on the bean bag chair’s cover. And if you can keep them from spilling, you may not be watching when they drag their favorite chair outside and into the dirt. If you choose a bean bag chair with a washable cover, your kids can be kids and not have to worry about keeping the bean bag chair pristine. With a material like a cotton-spandex blend, you can simply remove the cover, toss it into your washing machine, and air dry, and it will be as good as new again.


You can’t forget about comfort when getting a bean bag chair for your kids. After all, you want them to actually use it! The best bean bag chairs for kids are those that they can use in various positions so they can sit, lay, or lounge in whatever way they’re most comfortable. Chairs that can morph to the body and turn into a chair, bed, or lounger will be used a lot more than those that can only be a chair. If you get the right bean bag chair, you might even discover that your child wants to sleep on it because it’s so comfortable.

Bean Bags For Kids – Conclusion

The trick to choosing the best bean bag chair for kids is to really think about what they need. Durability, cleanability, and comfortability are three main features of a bean bag chair that your kids will absolutely love.

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