Tips For Keeping Your Eyes As Healthy As Possible

Our eyesight is something we often take for granted. While we may spend lots of money on a gym membership or expensive supplements to keep the rest of our body in top condition, our eyes often get forgotten.

However, if we don’t protect our eyes now, you could face eye conditions in the future that may have been avoidable. Visiting your eye doctor regularly is one of the best ways you can keep your eyes healthy. In the meantime, though, follow these top tips to keep your eye health at its best.

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Take Eye Drops If Required

There are many reasons why you might have dry eyes. For instance, you may live in an area where there is a high pollen count or a city that has a lot of pollution in the air. Or, perhaps you swim a lot, so your eyes are in contact with chlorine on a regular basis. If you do have dry or irritated eyes, using an eyewash on a daily basis can help remove irritants and calm your eyes.

Wear Sunglasses In The Sun

If you’re planning on being outside on a sunny day, it’s imperative you protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This means wearing sunglasses that will give you both UVB and UVA protection. Otherwise, with frequent exposure to UV light, you may face damage to the eyes.

If you often forget to wear your sunglasses or you dislike putting them on as you don’t like the frames, then you should consider investing in a pair you really like, as this will encourage you to wear them more.

Opting for a classic brand, and a classic style like is a good idea for the sunglasses novice. You could even make them your own by customizing them or wearing a new take on an old classic, like the folding Wayfarers.

Take Regular Breaks From Tech Screens

Between work and our personal life, we can spend multiple hours a day on computers and digital devices. This can be problematic for our eyes though, as these tech screens emit a blue light that can lead to macular degeneration, so you should try to take regular screen breaks. If you can’t avoid long periods at your screen, you can read our guide to combating the side effects of blue light on your eyes.

Do Eye Exercises

It might feel silly at first, however, by taking five minutes out of your day to exercise your eyes, you can seriously improve your eye health. There are numerous different eye exercises to try online, which range from rapid blinking to rolling your eyes. These exercises train your eye muscles to be stronger and can help eradicate headaches.

You can even keep your eyes healthy by following a regular exercise regime. May it be a simple walk in the park or regular gym visits, your blood circulation gets improved when you exercise regularly. By getting your blood pumping, more oxygen is going around your body, including your eyes, which removes toxins and keeps your eyes healthy.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

As harmless as rubbing your eyes might feel, you might not realize that excessive rubbing can lead to a number of eye problems. For one, your hands may have germs on them, which can then be transferred to your eyes and cause infections like conjunctivitis.

Excessive eye rubbing can also burst the small blood vessels in your eyes, which causes your eyes to look bloodshot. Also, if you have something in your eye, rubbing can cause that foreign object to scratch the cornea.

Wear Eyeglasses If Required

Just like wearing sunglasses is important, it’s incredibly vital that you wear any prescription eyeglasses you require. Otherwise, you will be continually straining your eyes, which can lead to further deterioration of your eyesight. If you dislike wearing your glasses then like sunglasses, it’s worth looking for a designer pair you really like, or ask your doctor about getting contact lenses.

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