What To Do If You Have Been Pulled Over By The Police

You’re driving on the road, listening to the songs you love. You’re speeding, and the beats and drops of the music is causing you to speed up and down. The perfect storm comes from behind when you see the blue and red lights from your rear-view mirror accompanied by sirens.

So, this is the very moment you naturally pass the buck to someone or something or create senseless reasons out of thin air. Always stop when police pull you over. Cops can stop you at any time.  Make sure that you are ready to explain everything calmly.

What cops do and what you should do is what we will discuss in three particular cases: speeding, driving under the influence, and running a red light. So, stay in the car and breathe deeply.

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When You Speed

If you are fined or get a speeding ticket, make sure you have a strong point in mind to show that cops have wrongfully charged you. Your arguments will only be successful if you can convince them with calm, solid reasoning. The odds are against you, however, if they have used radar or lidar, cameras or other equipment to prove you wrong.

If you turn a blind eye and refuse to own your mistakes, then the court will be your last hope if you still think that you were correct with your words or actions on the road.

Driving While Impaired

If police pull you over for driving under the influence, they will not only give you a field sobriety test, but also a breath analyzer test (to test blood-alcohol content concentration).

A qualified DUI attorney can handle your specific legal problems, explain the law, and fully handle your case in the courtroom. Go ahead and take the first step today and call your local DUI lawyer to discuss DUI facts and your legal situation.

Running A Red Light

A ticket for running a red light may come in a couple of forms. You may either get your ticket from a police officer who pulls you over or you may get a camera ticket in the mail.  Both are different and must be handled in different ways.

You have 3 options, but a couple of them are not in your best interest: you may either pay the ticket and get points on your license, fight it or pay it and go to traffic school. It doesn’t matter if you fight it with your traffic lawyer or on your own, fighting your ticket is the sole method to get it terminated. In the case of running a red light, seek legal counsel.

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