Toilet Yoga: Because Sometimes Shit Doesn’t Happen

The last time I saw toilets and yoga in the same sentence was last summer when that guy was caught hiding down inside a portable toilet at a yoga festival. Yeah, he was covered in poop. He climbed out and ran away when he was discovered. This article is also about a toilet and yoga, but thank goodness it’s a lot cleaner.

We’ve written about some strange yoga practices before, like dog yoga and Star Wars yoga, but I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be writing about toilet yoga. Apparently this book, Toilet Yoga, is full of poses to help get your body get things moving along if you know what I mean.

According to Toilet Yoga Movement, purchasing this book “will off the opportunity to connect with others around the world as you share in the joy of relief and satisfaction.” This book is “A guide. A way to change how you spend your precious alone time.

100% of the proceeds of this book go to Toilet Twinning, which is an organization that provides toilets to the 40% of the world’s population who don’t have access to clean, safe toilets. 40% is a big number. If you have a home with a private bathroom and a toilet, you are very blessed. Whether or not you need this book to help you along while you are in there, only you can decide. You can purchase one here for 12 bucks.

Donate Toilets To People

Donate Toilets To People

Donate Tolets To People

Donate Toilets To People

Via: [Incredible Things]