Top 15 Misspelled Words In The US & UK [Infographic]

It’s time to visit the school books again, people! Not really, but it’s time to have another look at the English language to see what facepalms we can rule out from our everyday writing. It so happens that some of the most commonly used words are actually the ones that people misspell the most. Imagine that, right? It’s easy to think it is pure laziness, but that is not always the case. Some people have just managed to imprint the wrong spelling into their brains which makes it hard to alter, if that make sense. Without the spell check feature that our computers and mobile devices are equipped with, I am sure many more people would fall short on their spelling. However, at least some of the top misspelled words should still be quite easy to remember.

Most of the time we misspell words because we are rushing, but it also comes down to the fact that English is a multi-branched language with lots of different accents and origins. The two largest ones are of course American English and British English. A curious thing is that the top misspelled words in these two branches are not the same. So what does that mean? Do Americans have a harder time learning the proper spelling of some words which the British people have a better relationship with? Not at all.

It all comes down to what words we use most during our everyday conversations and writing. Americans replace many of the British words, which results in a whole different set of misspelled words. There is a whole science behind this that I am sure someone has spent many years investigating and researching, but the fact remains that there are commonly misspelled words that shouldn’t be too hard to correct.

In a couple of fresh infographics presented by Spellchecker called The Importance Of Using Spell Check: 15 Most Misspelled Words, we are treated to both the top 15 misspelled words that the Americans facepalm when writing, as well as the top 15 for the British people, each with its own infographic. When we’re in a hurry, I am sure most of us make simple mistakes. When you start to look a little closer at these words, you’ll see that many of them could be misspelled through simple typos.

However, don’t feel like you are a complete facepalm just because you happen to spell some of these words wrong since it’s more than common. Actually, almost all of us misspell words on a daily basis, and that is why spell checkers are so unimaginably popular. Without them, we would all probably continuously misspell these words. Instead of feeling bad about it, have a look at these words and school yourself so you don’t have to misspell them again. It’s quite easy really. Just have a run through the list a few times, test yourself by writing them down and voila. That way, you will make sure that you will never again stumble over these misspelled words.

Spellchecker’s Top 15 Misspelled Words Charts



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