Top 5 Funny Sarcastic Quotes On Life To Make You Laugh Out Loud

Sometimes it feels that life is just like a roller-coaster, fast, and full of ups and downs. We have compiled a list of top 5 funny and sarcastic quotes on life that will make you laugh out loud. Everyone is just so consumed in the hassles of life that very rarely we get time to just stop and enjoy the little nothings of life.

Give a read to the following funny quotes about life, and give your mood an instant lift.

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1. “A Man In Love Is Incomplete Until He Has Married. Then He’s Finished” – Zsa Zsa Gabor

Love is the most powerful relation of life, so powerful that it holds the strength of making and breaking someone. Love is beautiful, love is peaceful, but marriage? Not so much. Marriage can be brutal, so choose your cards wisely.

This is a funny yet sarcastic quote that plays with the love-hate relationship between husband and wife.

2. “Be Careful Who You Trust, Salt, And Sugar Look The Same” – Anonymous

The beauty of life is being unknown of what the future holds. The uncertainty makes it that much exciting, but unpredictable people can ruin good things.

To be extra careful it is wise to not judge people by the looks because looks can be deceiving.

3. “When I Hear Somebody Sigh, ‘Life Is Hard,’ I Am Always Tempted To Ask, Compared To What?” – Sydney J. Harris

Everyone indeed has their battles to fight and hardships to endure. But it is always a little encouraging knowing that it could have always gotten worst. Taking a positive approach in life is a great gift that only some people are blessed with.

Sarcastic quotes and sayings that give positive vibes and energy are great for a daily dose of positivity.

4. “Yesterday Is History, Tomorrow Is A Mystery, And Today Is A Gift – That’s Why We Call It Present” – Anonymous

You can never change your past, whatever you endured in your past life is gone and there is no point dwelling over it.

What the future will bring is also unknown and hence a mystery for each one of us. But what we can cherish and celebrate is the beauty of life, the present.

5. “I Wish People Come With A 30-second Trailer. So I Can See What I’m Getting Myself Into”

This quote right here is a wish of many. How great it would be if people come with a warning sign or a short trailer that shows their true colors.

How simpler would life have been if we knew what the other person has stored in their mind and heart? A quick little trailer can save numerous people from heart-break.


Life is so colorful that it is impossible to not get a little dark. Yes, it gets dark, but the great thing is it also gets bright after that. Whenever you feel a little down or feel the harshness of life, remember that it does get easier.

Just learn to make yourself happy and stop relying on others. Have a read of such witty life quotes and see things from a different perspective.

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