Top 6 Greatest Accommodations For University Students

Joining the university is the first opportunity that most people get to live away from home. Therefore, choosing where you will leave for the next few years is very important. Some sites offer university students advice about studying at university. is one of them and lists many things you need to consider before choosing accommodation.

Finding the right type of accommodation is a daunting challenge and may involve a gruesome search. You need to diligently conduct your search so you do not regret your choice or have to search for an alternative once you move into your accommodation premises.

Some people like living alone while some like living with others. Others want to live on campus while some want to live off the campus. It will often be a matter of personal preference where you decide to live as each has its advantages and disadvantages.

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On-Campus Halls Of Residence

You may decide to live on campus when going to university particularly if you want to live near classmates or schoolmates. Living in the university’s halls of residence offers you the full university experience. There are plenty of advantages to living in the campus halls such as being cheap as you don’t have to worry about rent and the ability to socialize.

You are also closer to the school’s classes and amenities. On the other hand, campus halls are usually noisy, rowdy, dirty, and may involve the sharing of bathrooms. As you can tell, living in halls of residence is for the more socially inclined.

Off-Campus Residential Hall

Universities also have halls of residence located outside the campus. They are usually managed by the university in conjunction with a private company. The halls inside the campus and off-campus are slightly different. Being away from school reduces their convenience but they increase other aspects such as privacy. These halls allow you almost the same social and price benefits as those inside the university.

Rented Hostel

You can choose to live in a private hostel in which you pay rent. You may also pay for other services including meals and laundry. Hostels are different from halls of residence in that they are privately owned. However, they may have the same restrictions.

The people behind Student One believe that choosing the right hostel will go a long way in ensuring you study and live in a peaceful place. Some hostels try to make the life of those living there to be more comfortable. They also have facilities and services custom-tailored to students. The location of a hostel will matter significantly as they should be easily accessible from school.


If you want to live alone and can afford it while on campus, an apartment is a way to go. You can live just like an ordinary person without the restrictions and rules usually encountered in the halls of residence or a hostel. Students who live in apartments are usually those that want to live alone.

They may also be older students who would like to be spared the noise and rowdiness of new students. If your parents can pay the rent for your apartment, it is a great choice as they will be your guarantor. Otherwise, you may have to work part-time to pay the bills.

Shared Rented House

A common arrangement among university students is renting a large house and living together. Prospect is a site that offers university students priceless advice. According to one of their articles, sharing a house is the path most students take from their second year henceforth. Depending on the arrangement you have with your housemates, you may share certain amenities. You may also decide to get en-suite rooms for more privacy.

Living At Home

The final accommodation choice for university students is living at home. However, this is for students who go to school near their home. There are many benefits to living at home while going to school, including not paying rent or bills, being close to your loved ones, and enjoying home-cooked meals.

However, many students do not like living at home as a university is the first chance, they have to live carefree on their own. Transportation is something you will have to consider if you live at home. You should also participate in school activities or risk being alienated.

The six options above are what university students have as far as accommodation is concerned. There are others as students can be very creative when it comes to housing with some even living in a van. However, you should find a suitable option among the six above. Ensure that you evaluate all viewpoints before committing to one.

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