Top Haircare Tips And Secrets Straight From The Salon

Haircare is important. It always has been! However, thanks to the long-drawn pandemic, some of you might not be able to access quality salon care for more than a year. While salons are opening gradually and Covid norms are guiding them through, the need to maintain hair at home—salon-style, has become all the more vital. Hairstylists know every trick in the book to make any type of hair look good.

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Shampooing Daily Is Fine

As long as the weather and your schedule allow, shampooing regularly, even every day, is absolutely fine. There are myths that regular shampooing leads to dull hair. Nevertheless, this is just a myth! Oily hair especially needs deep cleansing that comes about only with regular shampooing routines.

Remember that the damage to your hair is because of improper use of wrong hair products and heat application. Make sure that your hair gets limited exposure to heat and is left to dry naturally. A headband wig could come in handy when you are not sure how to style your hair. Blow drys are for special days—not every day!

No Fretting over No Wash Days

You might be running late for work or could be swamped with chores that leave no time to wash your hair. There is no need to fret over this though! Even if you have a big day around and you forget to wash your hair—the final fashionable up-do you planned will be affected in the least. In fact, styling hair is easier if the tresses are not freshly washed! Salon professionals actually advise not to wash hair on the day you need to do a special hairstyle. This surely will shed off a million worries about not having washed your locks!

Spritzing Secrets

Straight hair looks trendy and tidy on its own, but ironed locks might not be your best friend when doing up a quick hairstyle. Invest in some good-quality rollers that allow you to elevate your hair even if it is all straight and fine. Use some spray with a flexible hold and curling iron for the best effect. This trick from the salon gives your hair some grip but also lends it more volume and body.

Understand The Types Of Sprays Available

There are a number of styling gels and sprays that you can find around the market. However, you need to understand the purpose of each and then make a purchase. When you want to straighten your hair at home or blow-dry it, you must invest in a serum that promises smoothness and shine.

However, when you want a curly or a messy out-of-bed look, a good setting spray can be your friend. When you aim for a salon-like beach wavy, try using salt sprays. Hair scrunching gets easier with salt spray at hand. There are quality products available but salon stylists believe even a homemade spray is fine as long as you prepare it right. The trick to remember here is that you need to use rock salt.

Invest In A Good Haircut

A haircut speaks a thousand words. It can make or mar your entire look. The right haircut lends further character to your personality. Therefore, spend some dollars on getting the right haircut instead of trying to save up.


Salon secrets from professionals actually motivate you to try maintaining a good hair care regimen at home. Eat right, sleep well, and pamper your hair to see amazing results. Some hard work and few hacks can team up to lend your hair better quality. It isn’t always the genes that work wonders for hair.

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