Top Steps To Get Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal is one of the most picturesque southern European nations, known for its breathtaking scenery, mild year-round temperatures, unspoiled coastline, and fascinating past. There were ups and downs in their economy in the past, and they faced a lot of problems. But the government is making great strides to alter the economic landscape.

Foreign investors are pouring money into the booming economy. To gain permanent residence, nevertheless, have you ever considered investing your money? Are investment alternatives a path to Portuguese citizenship? Sure thing! Portuguese permanent status might be yours with a rather inexpensive investment option.

The Golden Visa Program is the name given to this investment immigration opportunity. With this, you may go to Portugal as a resident and then become a citizen in as little as five years. Your loved ones will reap the same rewards as you do as an investor. Visiting the nation for at least seven days per year is all that is required.

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Who Is Eligible For A Portugal Golden Visa?

You need to meet the following Portuguese Golden Visa conditions to be eligible for the program:

  • One may apply for a Portugal Golden Visa if they are not citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Area, or Switzerland.
  • A qualified investment is required to be eligible for Portugal’s Golden Visa. Donations, firm formation/employer duties, and venture capital funds are the many types of investments. Real estate is no longer seen as a safe haven for financial purposes.
  • In addition to having a clean record in Portugal and your native country, you must be at least 18 years old. The investment capital needs to originate from a source other than Portugal.
  • It is possible to grant the Golden Visa to additional family members via the family reunification program.

Document Requirements

Even though it’s the most significant part of applying for a visa, filling out all of the necessary paperwork may be a real drag. At this point, you’re probably asking what paperwork is required to finish the golden visa application procedure. Let’s have a look!

  • Must possess a passport that is valid for a minimum of six months.
  • The official Portuguese visa application is available online.
  • The two images should be the size of a passport.
  • Medical insurance paperwork.
  • A certificate attesting to the absence of any criminal history.
  • Whatever national tax identification number you may have on file.
  • Confirmation of purchase on the ARI website. Emphasis is placed.
  • Ensure that all of your investment obligations have been met.
  • Documents such as certificates of share capital increase or documentation of firm establishment, among others, may be required depending on your investment path.
  • Proof of having fulfilled one’s social security and tax duties
  • Proof of your intention to keep your investment for at least five years; this might be anything from a bank statement to a contract guaranteeing employment or the development of new jobs.

Steps To Get the Visa

Now that you have an idea of your investment and if you qualify to apply, we can go over the specifics. If you fit all of the Portugal Golden Visa Requirements, the application procedure is simpler than many others.

An easy and effective application procedure is yours to take if you adhere to the instructions in the letter. Investing, going through the legal process, submitting documents, and a host of other requirements are all essential. Now, let’s get into the topic.

Finding An Investment Program

Pick an investing program and see which one works best for you. Remember that you are required to maintain this investment for a minimum of five years. If you need legal advice on a Portuguese golden visa, you may contact any law firm in Portugal.

Gathering Your Documents

You are responsible for gathering all of the essential papers that are required to be presented, which we have previously covered in the previous section. You will be informed by your attorney as to whether or not you have missed any papers.

Tax Identification Number

A Portuguese tax identification number, often known as a NIF, is something that you are required to get. Following that, you will be required to create a bank account.

Finalizing The Process

Right now, you need to complete the relevant papers and put the finishing touches on your investment. Either you do it on your own or you can engage a lawyer who specializes in golden visas to assist you.

Online Application

After you have finished making your investment, it is time to send your application to the SEF using their online platform. After the submission of your documents, it is possible that it will take around sixty days until your appointment date.

Scheduling A Date

A date will be assigned to you for your biometric visit, and all members of your family will be required to show up for the appointment on the day that has been selected.

Approval Of The Visa

The approval of your golden visa may take around six months. After that, you will be issued a card proving your residency.


You can submit your application for Portuguese citizenship only after 5 years.

How Much Does The Application Cost?

When applying for a Portugal Golden Visa, you will be required to pay a variety of costs that are stipulated by the government. Following the first payment of around €550 for the processing fee, you will be required to pay approximately €80 for each subsequent renewal. A one-time payment of about €5,325 is required for the initial application cost for each individual.

It costs €2,663 for each individual to submit an application for renewal. Additionally, you are required to pay this cost for qualified members in order to ensure that they are able to get a Golden Visa. You should also be prepared to pay a legal charge, the amount of which will vary depending on the kind of investment and the law firm. The costs associated with legal representation often begin at €5,000.

Applying for a Golden Visa to Portugal has numerous advantages. Among them are the freedom to live and work anywhere in Europe, travel freely between member states, and, most importantly, the opportunity to seek EU membership after five years. With any luck, this article has outlined the essential procedures for obtaining this visa. Good luck!

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