Top Tips On How To Relieve Stress In The Workplace

The workplace. Love yours or loathe it, it’s one of life’s necessary evils. Regardless of how you feel about your job and the place in which you do it, one thing is for sure – work is, without doubt, one of the most stressful parts of life. But the question you need to be asking yourself is, does it have to be?

The problem with workplace stress is that we tend to carry it with us through other parts of our lives as well. It can be challenging to simply switch off at the end of a working day, so an excellent place to start in relieving stress is by tackling it at the root cause. If you find your job stressful, then here are some tips on how to alleviate your stress in the workplace.

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Try And Eliminate Other Stress From Your Life Too

Have you ever considered that the other things in life that you’re stressed about could ultimately be making you feel more stressed at work too? Add it all together, and that’s a lot of stress. Say, for example, outside of work, you had the responsibility (and the big one at that) of selling your house – but you’re swamped at work, so are pushed for time. What could you do?

Well, if you looked into it a little further, you’d discover that there are companies such as out there now. They’re easy to access, as they’re found online, they’ll give you a free home valuation, and if you’re in a hurry to sell, they’ll buy your house in as little as seven days, for cash.

Now that’s a lot less stressful than the traditional home sale method, isn’t it? It’s a rather prominent example, but the point still stands. The more manageable and less stressful you make life outside of work, the easier it’ll feel inside.

Build Good Colleague Relationships

Be what you want to attract. In this context, be a good colleague, and you’ll attract good colleague relationships. No one is saying you have to meet your best friend at work – although many do. All we’re saying is that the better relationships you have with your colleagues, the more enjoyable work will be. It’s as simple as that.

If you can form positive relationships with the people who you’re surrounded by seven hours a day, five days a week, then you’ll feel overall more positive in your life. It’s good to have someone at work which you get along with and can share the burdens of the job with. After all, no one will understand the stress you go through at work better than your colleagues.

Bring A Healthy Lunch

A lot of people hear the suggestion of healthy eating and roll their eyes – but the impact is surprising on your day to day life. We’re not talking protein shakes and lettuce leaves – we’re talking about eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Scientific research has recently proven that your gut is intrinsically linked to your brain – in fact, in some Asian countries, they refer to the gut as “the brain of the stomach”. If you keep your gut and digestion healthy, you keep your overall body healthier – including your mind. This means that you’re less likely to be susceptible to stress, and will ultimately find it a lot easier to overcome because of it. Makes sense, right?

Bringing a balanced lunch into work isn’t difficult. It’s just making sure you have a mix of food groups – proteins, carbohydrates, fruit, veg, and even a little bit of sugar to get you through the afternoon slog. The healthier your lunch, the more equipped you’ll be for the rest of the day.

Sleep Well

Last of all, but certainly not least, never underestimate the power of sleep. If you can, try and get between seven and eight hours of sleep a night. Unfortunately, not all of us find this so easy, and the vast majority struggle to sleep at night – but there are a few things you can do to help you relax and doze off.

Try breathing deeply, using lavender oils and drinking camomile tea before bed. Likewise, try and put your phone down at least an hour before you sleep, as the blue light screens can impact the overall quality of your slumber. Sleeping helps your body to recover from the stress of the day – both physically and mentally. Never underestimate just how healing it is.

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