Tourist Destinations In Chhattisgarh – Quick Guide

Chhattisgarh is a state of India which is in the actual center of the country. The natural resources and beauty is the most attractive thing for many tourists which makes this place irresistible. Several locations have a unique history and mystery as well. The stories connected with these beautiful destinations are not only exciting but worth believing for as well.

Factually, with dense forest and natural waterfalls, this place has an exclusive charm. Whereas it is a large state with a balanced population and lots of forest with are a breed of animals. Raipur is the capital whereas other famous cities are Jharkhand, Bilaspur, Raigarh in their respective district.

Moreover, this state is economically earning from agriculture and tea industries; similarly, several other handicrafts and natural resources are also exported to various parts of the world. This place accompanies rich forest produce wood, timber, and herbs that are in demand for the rest of the country as well. Likewise, Chhattisgarh also accompanies mineral resources such as limestone, quartz, and marbles which also makes this place even more valuable.

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Fall Of Teerathgarh

Beautiful black mountains located in Chhattisgarh with astonishing gorgeous waterfall makes everyone fall for this exquisiteness. It is basically a place near Kanger River with the Kutumsar caves. It is known waterfall due to the exotic beauty, and the adjacent areas are too worth visiting such as Kailash gufa.

Bhuteshwar Temple Of Shivling

It is also known as India’s largest stone which is still growing 6-8 inches every year. Yes, you hear it right this miraculous stone is the world’s biggest shivling and a place for Hindu dignity and worship. It is actually 20 ft. high thousands of people worship this as the shivling while the visitors are increasing every year.


It is a church also known as Cathedral of lady of the rosary, while it has the largest sitting space and the oldest church one would ever see. This place is known as kunkuri while it is near the place called jashpur Nagar.

Temple With Waterfall

This temple is unique as it is old while having a waterfall side by, its name is Ghatarani temple. Thousands of Hindu participants come here and worship their God, whereas its uniqueness and beauty also attract hundreds of visitors every year.

Main Path Hill Station

The hill station of Shimla is the most famous place of India, people not only enjoy weather their but the mesmerizing magnificence is another charm here. Here lots of waterfalls are present whereas this place is near Ambikapur is also known as shaking earth place. Because this place is the hub of natural beauty having lots of dense forests and waterfalls while the temples and old location with dynamic history as its own charm.

Due to all these reasons mentioned above, this state is worth visiting for everyone. Whereas subscription would also make you able to know any news as soon as possible via your mobile phone. For more details and updates visit Chhattisgarh News in Hindi

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