Traits Of A Good Conversationalist

Holding a good conversation with someone is more than just being ‘cool’ or funny. There is more to it, and when done right, it leads to a rich experience. Here we explore a few tricks that you can apply to have the kind of memorable conversation that we all desire.

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Have A Genuine Interest

Things that don’t hold our attention are hard to concentrate on. It is no different from conversations. If you are always looking around instead of focusing on the person you’re talking to, then you won’t have a productive discussion.

It also signals to them that you have no interest and sure enough the conversation will die. Therefore, as you’re talking to someone, be genuine in your interest. You’ll be indeed amazed at the quality of conversations you end up having.


Another trait of a good conversationalist is mirroring. What that means is that you reflect what the other person is doing. If they lower their tone, do the same. If they are smiling, smile as well. If they are laugh heartily, join in. Mirroring also makes people more willing to listen to what you have to say. You also get the information you otherwise would not if you were stiff, leading to a dull conversation.

Listen More

Contrary to what is thought, being a fantastic conversationalist has a lot to do with listening. When you listen, you’re able to ask better questions. In your listening habits, you can employ the use of tools such as summarizing what someone has said to ensure you’re on the same page, prompting someone when they seem unsure if you’re going want to listen to them and using active listening. What you end up having are productive conversations that you otherwise would not have if you were talking most of the time.

Be Helpful

Whether it is making an introduction or a recommendation for a product, it is essential that the other person feels they have gained something they otherwise wouldn’t have from just talking to you.

For example, should the person you are talking to say they are tired because they couldn’t sleep at night because of the gym, you can suggest CBD oil for muscle pain will help them relax before bedtime. Giving helpful knowledge also shows that you’re a good listening and you’re genuinely interested in the other person’s well-being.

Treat Them Like VIP

The best conversations you’ll have are those with someone who feels what they have to say is essential. You have to show that you are curious about them; what do they do, what prompted them to get into it, do they love it, why, why not. All these questions, despite the things that divide us on a society level, break barriers and thus leading to honest and pure conversations.

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