Turkey Bingo: A Fun Thanksgiving Game To Print & Play Today

Happy Thanksgiving! Although Thanksgiving can be a wonderful occasion spent visiting with friends and family, it can also be awkwardly dreadful. It often ends up being a day spent with family members who we only see once a year, and there is nothing stranger than trying to make conversation with a relative you barely know. If that is your lot in life today, I have a little something that might make the day a bit more tolerable. It comes in the form of a Thanksgiving game called Thanksgiving Bingo.

This isn’t just any Thanksgiving game, it’s one you can play right at the dinner table. Jennifer Lewis at Flavorwire created these 4 cards that you can print out and take with you today. Be sure you make enough copies of each one to pass out to each person. You’ll also need 25 pennies for each person.

Playing this Thanksgiving game is easy, just pass out the number one sheet to everyone along with their stack of pennies. Then, as these things happen at the table, people can mark them on their bingo board with their pennies. Whoever gets 5 in a row and calls “Bingo!” first wins. Then you can play again with sheets 2, 3 and 4. How fun! Everything on these sheets are things that could happen at any traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Remember to play nice or you might get sent to the kiddie table. Hey, it beats talking about sports the whole entire time.

If you need more Thanksgiving games to entertain you, I noticed there are some new ones that have recently been added to the app store, but those won’t be as interactive as this bingo game. This game gives everyone a chance to get to know each other better, or at least it’s an excuse to get a grandparent drunk.

A Thanksgiving Game To Play Right At The Dinner Table





Via: [Laughing Squid]


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    Joyce 7 years

    Definitely playing this game Thanksgiving with our 20+ guests!