Types Of Kratom Strains You Need To Know

Varieties of medications or medicine have evolved ever since technology started growing. Some are inside little capsules, and some are in tablet types. Other medications that are proven to be beneficial are illegal in some countries because too much dosage can be dangerous. People use these medications to cure anxiety or depression because they have strong effects when it comes to a person’s mood and emotion. One perfect example of this is Kratom. It is a tree found in Southeast Asia, and the leaves are what people use to create medication.

The different types of Kraton have different kinds of strains, and the dosage can change the effects. Here are some of the things you need to know about Kratom Strains.

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Maeng da

People believe and consider this strain to be one of the finest forms of kratom. This strain has been present since ancient times, and people have used it to please guests, offered it in festivities, and people have also used it for recreational purposes.

Maeng da is stronger than the other strains, which make it consumable in small quantities. The strain enhances the brain functions and makes the person who took it wide awake and alert of his surroundings. You need to remember not to take too much quantity when you take this strain, because it can have the same effect as caffeine. It will make your restless, sleepless, and your anxiety shoot up to the ceiling.


Indo Kratom originates from Indonesia, and it is also one of the best Kratom someone can get. There are several types of Indo Kratom, and some of them are red Indo and green Indo. These two are some of the types of kratom for sale in the market. The Green Indo can boost your energy and give you relief to any pain you are experiencing. On the other hand, Red Indo offers mild pain relief and relaxation, just like a Red Kali does but milder.

Thai Kratom

This strain comes from Thailand. It comes in several colors, which are green, red, and white. These Kratoms can help the user have focus and concentration when you take it in low dosages, and it also alleviates discomfort and improves mood. The effect you want to achieve depends on the dosage you are going to take. Pain relief and relation will need 8-10 grams, focus & concentration will need 2-4 grams, and discomfort alleviation will need 5-6 grams.


The Bali kratom strain is grown in Bali. The red Bali is the most popular Kratom in this strain because you can use it as a treatment for anxiety, depression, and it even enhances physical endurance. It can lower your stress level, and it is perfect for athletes who are under extreme regimens.

Kratom has proven its use and efficiency in our everyday life because of the help it provides. However, it is important to take note that too much of something is always not a good thing. You must learn to control your dosage because the excessive use of this can lead to withdrawal once you stop using it.

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