UAE Green Residence Visa – A 5-Year Residence Scheme Has Launched

The cabinet of the United Arab Emirates has adopted legislation on foreign entry and residence, formalizing a procedure intended to give expatriates a more significant economic role in the country. The new entrance and residency system wants to recruit and retain global talents and skilled employees from all over the globe, increase the competitiveness and flexibility of the employment market and create a high feeling of stability among UAE citizens and families.

A new residency program in the UAE has brought a series of visa modifications. The programs, which include anything from a five-year UAE Green Residence Visa to creating new categories under the 10-year Golden Visa, provide a variety of perks to make it easier for family members to live in the nation.

It is believed that the change will bring in more individuals with different skill sets and a slew of new enterprises. It would increase the UAE’s talent pool and help grow many industries, in line with the country’s Great Rulers’ vision of making the UAE a worldwide destination of choice.

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Golden Residence Visa Scheme

The qualifying conditions for the golden residency scheme have been simplified, and the categories of recipients have been increased. Investors, entrepreneurs, unique talents, scientists and professionals, excellent students and graduates, humanitarian pioneers, and first-line heroes are eligible for a 10-year residency. The revisions make it possible for holders of golden residences to sponsor family members.

There are no restrictions on the maximum time of stay outside the UAE to retain the golden residency valid under the new scheme.

UAE Green Residence Visa – An Overview

The UAE has launched a new 5-year residence scheme to attract talents, skilled professionals, freelancers, investors, and businesses. The system provides extended flexible grace periods of up to six months to remain in the country once a residence permit is canceled or expires.

This program offers qualified employees a five-year residency without the necessity for a sponsor or employer. And the permit is known as the Green Residence Visa. Please don’t hesitate to contact experts like HHS Lawyers if you want to know more about the new scheme for UAE Green Residence Visa.

What Are The Advantages Of Obtaining A UAE Green Visa?

This new document permits people from all walks of life to work and reside in the UAE. It does, however, have certain extra advantages, which are as follows:

  • Individuals can be self-sufficient, which implies they can support themselves.
  • Holders can sponsor their parents and children up to the age of 25.
  • It provides a 180-day grace period.
  • Workers have more freedom as a result of this. They don’t require a sponsor to stay in the nation and look for new employment if their current one is terminated.

What Is The Green Residence Visa, And How Does It Work?

The five-year UAE Green Residence Visa, created to attract qualified professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and freelancers, are an intriguing new alternative for people who cannot apply for residency through the regular employer or sponsor route.

Eligibility will be determined by pay and qualifications, although experienced freelancers and small company owners are likely to find this to be an enticing visa category.

Green Cardholders will be allowed to extend their privileges to family members for five years and keep their residence status for six months after their visa is canceled or expired.

What’s The Difference Between A Green Card And A Work Permit?

Employees who wish to work in the UAE must, in most cases, have a visa that is linked to their employer. It is referred to as an employment visa. Although it is the most popular, it causes problems for employees since they cannot get long-term housing as quickly.

Foreigners will be permitted to stay in the nation and work without being sponsored by an employer under the Green Visa program.

Why Did The UAE Government Issue A Green Visa?

The following are some of the reasons behind the new visa scheme:

  • Attract highly qualified professionals as well as outstanding students and postgraduates.
  • Reduce the UAE’s dependency on oil and reintroduce tourism to the country.
  • Boost the economy and the country’s growth in a variety of areas.

Freelancers Can Get A Green Residence Visa

  • Employees are encouraged to work in a variety of ways under this approach. For freelancers and self-employed people, a sponsor or employer is not required for the five-year residency.
  • The candidate would need to get a freelance/self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.
  • The proof should be a bachelor’s degree or specialized certification. The previous two years’ self-employment revenue totaled at least 360,000 Dirhams.
  • Alternatively, the applicant might demonstrate that they would be financially stable while in the country.

Investors And Entrepreneurs Will Be Granted A Five-Year Residency

  • This residence was built to attract investment. It provides a five-year residency for investors who are producing or engaged in business activities.
  • It replaces the previous residence, which had only been valid for two years.
  • There are two requirements: investment authorization and documentation (proof) of investment.
  • If the investor (partner) holds more than one license, they may determine the total invested capital.
  • The consent of the relevant municipal authorities is required.

Skilled Employees

  • This program provides competent employees with a 5-year residence without the need for a sponsor or employer.
  • According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, candidates must have a valid employment contract and be classed at the
  •  First, second, or third occupational level.
  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent is required, and the compensation should not be less than Dh15,000 per month.

Family Members Will Now Receive Additional Perks

  • Permits to stay in the country for a more extended period.

The Unmarried sons may have previously been sponsored for up to 18 years, but now they can be granted residence visas until 25 years under the new law. However, unmarried women’s sponsorship is not time-limited.

  • Regardless of their age, children with determination are given a residency permit.
  • Holders of Green Residences are permitted to give residence permits to their first-degree relatives, with the residency of family members having the same validity as the principal resident visa holder in all situations.

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