The Ultimate Guide To Make Your Moving Budget In 2021

Moving is a complicated process and it can become way too expensive if you fail to plan properly. You need to be very attentive towards the factors that contribute to the making of a moving budget and determining how much the movers will cost you.

You can use iMoving cost calculator to know how much it will cost to move your inventory and plan your finances accordingly. It is very crucial to be attentive towards all the details and create a moving budget that helps you manage your expenses. Control over the financial aspect of the process will help you alleviate the stress associated with the daunting process of moving.

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Here Are 8 Steps That You Must Take To Make Your Moving Budget In 2021

Take Inventory

The first step is to take inventory of your home. You must go room-by-room and identify the items that you need to move to the new house. From day to day items like clothes and kitchenware to furniture to precious items like guestroom belongings and more, make a list of all the belongings in the home. With an exact inventory, you can make the right arrangements to fit aptly in the new accommodation.

Research Thoroughly

Knowing what will go into the new house is important to find the right movers. There expert moving companies will always ask for our moving inventory before offering you a moving estimate. There are many factors that movers consider when calculating the moving estimate including what to move, where to move and when to move.

You Should Expect

Base Moving Fee

Base fee is the amount charged by the moving company to all types of customers, irrespective of the inventory they are moving.

Specialty Items Moving Fee

This is the fee associated with the moving services for pool tables, safes, pianos, and artwork. These items are considered specialty items and moving them is a little tricky, hence the cost.

Moving Insurance

You will get a valuation for your moving inventory which is called as moving insurance. If any of your items get damaged during the moving process, the insurance will cover any compensation.


If you need a storage facility, the movers may or may not charge you for it. Many movers offer Storage in Transit (SIT) or storage facility free of cost.

Know When And Where Do You Want To Move

Expert movers explain that the cost of moving is directly affected by the time of year you chose for the move. If you decide to move in the summer, you will have to pay more as compared to moving in the winter season. However, moving in the winter season is tough considering the bad weather. On the other hand, moving with kids is easier during the summer season as there are no schools.

Also, the place you are moving to also affects the cost of the moving process. Moving from a rural area to a big city will cost higher. Moreover, you will also need a moving permit o park the moving truck.

Make Arrangements For Everyday Expenses

Except that you will be moving to a new house, there will be no changes in life and you must prepare for paying the expenses. It is important that you make all the necessary arrangements and plan for your finances. Kid’s school fees, groceries, day to day expenses and more will be a constant in your life. You must be able to pay for these expenses while moving. Tab your monthly expenses and subtract the amount from you monthly income after taxes. The remaining amount is what you can divide into moving budget and other expenses.

Know How To Save And Make More

When you are making the moving budget ad planning your finances, you must try and save on the expenses that you can do easily. If you are a food enthusiasts who love to eat out every other day, try to cook the restaurant-like dishes at home and save money. You will realize that cooking those dishes at home is much more affordable. Moreover, you get to keep the leftovers which you can use for your next meal preparations.

Limit your expenses on clothes and instead of buying a new, mix and match the old ones. There are plenty of ways to save money and you can choose any one of yours. The ultimate goal should be to save as much money as you can to make affording the moving expenses easier.

You can even try to put up a yard sale or buy moving supplies in bulk. Getting recyclable plastic boxes instead of cardboard boxes is also an easy way.

Whatever way you choose, do not make unattainable goals? It is a great idea to open up a savings account and deposit money in it for the move. This way you can have a clear idea of money that you have allocated for the moving process and things can be kept organized.

Make Provisions For Emergency

It is always recommended to have emergency fund. There are a lot of unexpected expenses that you may face during the moving process and the emergency fund would be great enough to cover them efficiently.

Know The Additional Costs

Well, additional costs are not the same for everyone. However, you may have to face additional costs. Here are some of the core aspects of the additional financial planning that you may have to do.

  • Will toy need professional cleaning service for the house (new or old)?
  • Will our need to pay for childcare?
  • If you have pets, what are your plans for pet care?
  • How will you manage for the houseplants?

These are some of the core considerations when planning a moving budget. Having enough money in hand helps you have a stress-free moving experience. You must follow these steps and make sure you have enough breathing room for you when you pay for the costs associated with the moving process.

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