The Ultimate Summer Gift List For 2020

Summer season is already a gift in itself. Soaking up some sunshine with our loved ones, whether by the beach or at our patio, is always energizing. Now, summer in 2020 isn’t going to be the same with all that’s going on. But we can still have a fun one with our close circle at our backyard pool party.

Here are 8 gifts you can send to a birthday celebrant or someone you want to wish to “keep on keepin’ on” like the changing seasons.

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1. Summer Gift Basket

Treat a special lady in your life a gift basket featuring some summertime goodies, bath products, and tropical spa lotions. This one tops the list because it not only houses crowd favorite summer essentials but the unique basket is actually a stylish beach hat.

2. Fun Beach Towel

Aside from drying your body and keeping the sand off of you during sunbathing, beach towels can also be fun photo backgrounds. The ones shaped as fruits are summertime classics while towels with printed memes are crowd favorites.

3. Custom Water Bottle

Hydration is key in the summer heat. Make sure you are remembered by customizing a water bottle as a gift.

Since they’ll be taking a sip a few times a day, they’ll also keep seeing your photos together as many times as they drink water. You can use your funniest pictures to keep them in a good mood all throughout the day.

4. Lavender Soap

Keep their bathroom smelling like summer all season with a lavender soap as a gift. They don’t have to use strong perfumes with fruity, zesty, or fresh scents as showering with lavender will make them smell like one.

You can make it with the simplest, most natural ingredients – or buy one from any holistic store online.

5. Summer Wreath

There’s nothing like an emblem on your door signifying summer than a summer wreath. You can DIY for a personal touch or you can send them a DIY set that they can do themselves, so both of you can have a part in it.

6. Garden Tote With Tools

Almost everyone’s loving plants these days. It’s surely because most of us are at home not being able to experience nature like before. This gift is an automatic win if your friend already has a garden and a green thumb. If not, this will encourage them to start grounding themselves in nature.

7. Sunscreen

Here’s a little self-care gift during summer. We tend to forget that our skin rapidly ages under the sun. Show how much you care for their wellbeing by sending them a practical gift – something that they will actually use all summer long.

8. Fruit Ice Pop Molds

A great way to eat fruits with desserts is by making a fruit ice pop. Gift this to your fruit-lover friend or your ice-pop-aficionado loved one. Making it is a fun way to bond with kids and eating it by the pool is refreshing for everyone.

The essence of summer is boosted with the gifts above. Pick one or two or even everything on the list to make friends and family enjoy summer even more. Although the best summer gift of all is the fun time spent together no matter the season or occasion.

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