The Undeniable Health Benefits Of Art

In the way that science and medicine are tied to the physical, art is tied to the emotional. We’ve long known that art is an expression of the unseen workings of mankind–from poetry to painting, to music, art has always lent us insight into the human psyche. Now, studies are showing that art–being creative–may be part of how our bodies and minds heal thus being incredibly beneficial to our health. Doctors and psychologists, for the most part, agree: there’s more to us than what we can see. No doctor can perform surgery on the human mind. Art, it seems, can.

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Health Benefits Of Art

For anyone battling a chronic illness, art is a way to fill the void of inactivity. Often unable to work, patients suffering chronic illnesses are at risk of becoming listless, bored, and emotionally isolated. Understandably, they daily combat feelings of anxiety, stress, and grief.

Studies conducted on the effect of art over wellbeing showed that patients who invested in a visual art, such as photography, painting, pottery, etc., tended away from negative emotions. Overall, they had an easier time coping with and expressing grief. Their social lives improved. Art proved to be an effective way for them to process and emote. Art, essentially, became therapy.

For you, art can also bring health benefits. While art doesn’t cure cancer or perform brain surgery, it can help restore positive emotions. Since stress and grief have both been tied to minor and major health issues, the more positivity and peace you can cultivate, the better.

If nothing else, art can help rid you of stress and its symptoms, like tight shoulders and poor sleep. There are many ways you can bring art into your life, and finding your creative niche is the first step in using art to improve your health.

Photography is an easy way to express yourself artistically. A good camera is all it takes to capture life–an afternoon outside will help you slow down and marvel at the beauty. If you enjoy design, creating home lighting with perforated tubes is one way you could use your passion. Painting is a very tactile way to achieve catharsis, as is sculpting or pottery. You might find a unique way to make art, such as elaborately frosting a cake on a cake turntable, or brewing beer at home.

Whatever method you choose, creativity is an important way for you stretch different parts of your brain and get more in touch with your emotions. Improved emotions are related to improved health, so for your well-being: go create!

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