Unusual Kitties That Will Make You Say Awww!

One reason I love blogging is for the thrill of the find.  There are so many things that you can discover when you are looking for inspiration or topics to write about.  I particularly love writing about things I experience or things that touch my life.  However, when I am under pressure at work, or when I am feeling a bit under the weather, it always makes my day when I find funny or unusual things, or in this case, living creatures that just makes me say awww!

When I saw the three videos that I included here, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling, literally LOL! It is truly amazing what pet owners will do with their feline friends.  These cats may seem ordinary for people who do not own cats, but for those of us who do, I am sure you will say that these are really unusual behaviors for cats.  You see, unlike our pet dogs, cats are happier when they are left alone. They usually only ask for attention when they are hungry or bored.

Most cats would never allow you to make them sit at the dining room table or wear cute clothes or follow commands. You will clearly see here, that the owners of these cats featured in the videos have truly showed their pets that they are trust worthy and loving humans, and the kitties were so cooperative during the video shoot. I have tried dozens of times to take videos of our kitties here at home, and it is not easy. If you need a smile now, watch the videos below and I can guarantee you that they will truly make you say awww!