How To Use Your Knitting Skills For A Good Cause

Knitting has always been a craft that encourages generosity — experienced knitters often give their creations, like scarves and blankets, to grateful friends and family members. While helping friends and family members is always good, you can extend your generosity toward others who are in a severe need of hand-crafted items. You can use your fantastic skills for a greater cause by knitting clothes and accessories and then donate them to different charities.

You may be wondering what kind of charitable causes need knitted items before you get out your needles and spools of yarn. There are multiple of causes and organizations that can use well-made clothing and items, but if you feel unsure where to start here are some suggestions for you to think about.

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Knitting Preemie Caps

You can make caps for premature babies who are spending time in the neonatal unit until they are fit to go home with their parents. Premature babies have no body fat so knitted caps are a solution that can keep them feeling warm and comfortable. To find helpful patterns for preemie caps, you can go to the website Yarnspirations — if you prefer a different style, you can simply take one of their patterns for a knitted cap and re-size it. Remember to choose a yarn that is incredibly soft, because premature babies will have sensitive skin that will be easily irritated — stop by Yarnspirations to learn more about your yarn options so that you can find the right fiber for the project.

Knitting Chemo Caps

You can also make caps for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy and have lost their hair. These caps can also be used by people who have finished their chemotherapy or radiation therapy and are going through the recovery process. Many people are uncomfortable and insecure about their hair loss — one chemo patient collected hats as a coping mechanism, instead of getting wigs or henna tattoos. When knitting a chemo cap, you should use a soft fiber yarn to avoid any skin irritation because the scalp can become very sensitive because of the chemotherapy or radiation.

Knitting Blankets

Blankets are fantastic items that can be donated to multiple charities that focus on homeless people, refugees, sick children and others in need of comfort. Blankets, afghans, and throws can take more time than preemie or chemo caps, so if you are thinking of taking on this project consider doing it in a group. A knitting group can either speed up the process of making one blanket or help you make a bulk donation of blankets.

You can knit hats to help premature babies, make caps for people dealing with chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and blankets for people in need of warmth. This way your lovely hobby can be more than a way to make your friends and family happy — your hobby can also be a way to improve the lives of strangers and make a difference in the world.

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