The Use Of Media Before Bedtime Is Not Necessarily Harmful

What entertainment activities do you do before going to bed? Research shows that using media before sleeping is not as destructive as people think. You can play casino online games, watch TV, or listen to music without disrupting your sleep. If you have been avoiding these forms of entertainment, you have no reason to. One way to avoid disturbing your sleep is to watch media for a short duration.

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Benefits Of Using Media Before Bed

A UBNOW study found that utilizing media devices before sleep can help people nap early. Hence, they can rest well before dawn. But the researchers gave conditions for having these benefits. One must not watch TV or use their laptop or console for an extended period.

Also, focus on the chosen media activity rather than do other activities simultaneously. By focusing on one thing, one can help their mind concentrate and relax. A passive activity that calms down your mind can improve your sleep rather than disrupt it. If you watch these boundaries, you can use media as a tool to enhance sleep and rest.

You would expect many people to spend their free time before bed on social media. Surprisingly, research shows that people still prefer to read books, watch TV, play video games, or listen to music. The UBNOW research paper published in the Journal of Sleep Research reveals these things.

What Can Inadequate Quality Sleep Do To Your Health?

If you fail to sleep properly for a considerable time, you can develop mental and physical issues. Research has linked illnesses like depression, anxiety, heart issues, and obesity to lack of sleep. Before you even get these health issues, you can have headaches, aching eyes, a bad temper, and more negative signs. Also, you can feel sleepy at work rather than feel aggressive and productive.

How Do Researchers Measure Sleep Quality?

Those who support that media use can improve sleep use an electroencephalography machine. It monitors the electrical activity in the brain of a user. By analyzing the results, researchers can determine the user’s length and quality of sleep. According to them, using media an hour before sleeping can help you toss and turn less and get quality rest. But using the media past this duration can worsen your sleep quality.

As well, multitasking can ruin your effort to sleep like a baby after using media. The place where you choose to watch the media also mattered to these researchers. People who chose to do it in bed slept more deeply. Media seemed not to affect their REM (rapid eye movement). If you keep worrying about using media before sleep, now you know it does not cause harm. In any case, it can be good for you.


Notable researchers, including the UBNOW researchers, believe in using media before sleeping. They claim that you can only see benefits if you use media for a short while without doing anything else. If you choose to watch TV or play a game, do it for about one hour and then go to sleep. Do not do anything else during this period to see results.

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