How Using Good Grammar Online Can Help You Find Love [Infographic]

Cyber dating is more popular now than ever before as more and more people are finding love online. Whether it’s on Facebook or any one of the thousands of dating sites, love is in the air online. What you may not realize though is that there is a different set of rules when it comes to what is considered attractive online vs. offline in the initial phases of getting to know someone, and it involves good grammar.

For example, when a woman is deciding if a man is date-worthy offline, she takes a lot of things into account, but those things are different when she is deciding if a man is date-worthy online. When it comes to dating online, it seems using good grammar makes the person seem “more attractive” in the beginning.

Although at first that might seem a bit twisted, when you start thinking about it, it makes sense. If your initial conversations with a person are going to be in text (which could go on for a while before you actually meet), suddenly text matters when it might not matter as much offline. All of a sudden a misuse of an apostrophe (your, you’re) or using the wrong word altogether (there, their) can actually become annoying.

Think about this from the flip side…If using poor grammar repels potential lovers, that might mean that using good grammar would attract them like a magnet, right? Possibly. In this infographic called Grammar Gets Love by Kibin, you’ll get to see more detailed stats about the correlation between using good grammar and love.

They surveyed 1,700 online daters about their “propensity to be hot and bothered by a smashingly composed online dating profile.” They compiled their results below. The bottom line is this – If you want to open yourself up to all the possibilities when it comes to online dating, proofread your profile. You can learn how to do that at the Ultimate Guide For Proofreading Quickly & Effectively. I always knew good grammar mattered, but I never realized it mattered when it comes to finding love.

How Using Good Grammar Online Can Help You Find Love

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