Dream Come True: The Vending Machine That Dispenses Fresh French Fries

We’ve written about a lot of crazy cool vending machines here on Bit Rebels over the years, but I think this one must be the best one of all. It would be a dream come true for anyone who is stuck in an office all day. Heck, I wish I had one of these at my house. Imagine putting a little money into a vending machine and then getting a cup full of hot, fresh french fries (with a dollop of ketchup or mayo) only 90 seconds later. Yup, like I said…dream come true.

For just €2.50 (about $3.30), the people in Chaussee de Gand-Steenweg op Gent in Brussels can get a perfect portion of fresh french fries at any time. You can choose either ketchup or mayonnaise to complement your fries when they’re done cooking. Since the machine uses beef fat to fry them, they come out crunchy and perfect every time. My mouth is watering just writing about this.

This is the kind of vending machine that makes all the ones that sell chips and soda look lame. Imagine needing a pick-me-up during the day at work and walking into the break room to buy some fries. It would be a great little energy source in the middle of the day.

The question is, why don’t we have any of these vending machines here? Bummer. Brussels is a little too far away to go just for hot, fresh french fries. So the next time your stomach is grumbling, and you have to settle for a dumb pack of Doritos from your office vending machine, just remember that some people in the world have access to this beauty. I know, some things in life aren’t fair, and this is definitely one of them.

Vending Machine Dispenses Hot, Fresh French Fries





Via: [Geekologie] [Buzzfeed]