How To Properly Use A Ketchup Cup [Video]

The continued success of lifehacks on the Internet is a phenomenon that could potentially last forever. The more people want to optimize their everyday chores, the more lifehacks we’ll be able to find. We have featured a lot of lifehacks here on Bit Rebels throughout the years, and usually you guys have liked them. A really popular “how to” lifehack was the Chicken Wing lifehack. Today we’re going to take a look at another one that will have you using that ketchup cup you get at fast food restaurants differently.

I bet at some point, you have been at a fast food restaurant, poured some ketchup into that ketchup cup and left it at that. You have probably also dipped your french fries into that little cup and not thought much about it. But did you know there is another way to use that ketchup cup? You probably don’t since it is not exactly a well known practice.

The ketchup cup has folded wrinkles within its unbroken curve which make a flat paper cup. You have probably noticed that the ketchup cup looks kind of unique, right? Well, the thing is, you can actually pull all those wrinkles out in order to make it easier for you to dip your french fries and even your burger. Yup, you didn’t know that did you?

The simplest changes can sometimes make a huge difference in how we do things, and this one is definitely one of those lifehacks that will make your life a whole lot simpler. I must admit that even though some of you might be doing this on a daily basis, I didn’t have a clue that we could do this. I guess next time I get some fast food (which I am not that fond of), I will have to try this out. Do you know of any other lifehacks you could share with us? Never hesitate to send them to us. We would be more than happy to feature them. (Lifehack provided by FoodBeast)

FoodBeast’s Ketchup Cup Lifehack