Venn Diagram: What Nerds, Goths And Jocks Like

They are depicted in pretty much any high school movie, and they are always pictured through the same stereotypes. It’s like there is no getting around it. They are present in every school, and their lifestyle is ultimately different from one another. Even though reality has slightly shifted the way we look at these different types of lifestyles, the initial view of them still remains the same. These stereotypes have etched themselves in our memories, and made it easier to spot what kind of person we might have to deal with if we come across one.

But do we really know for sure what they are all about? Are we really that shallow not to give each of these people the benefit of the doubt? After all, no two people are exactly alike, right? There’s an easy way to get around all this, and it doesn’t even have to take you a lot of time to figure out. Another thing we never think about is whether or not any of these stereotypes have anything in common with the next.

Even though I can’t find the original source for this awesome venn diagram, it is still heavily entertaining. Just the fact that what they all have in common is to criticize other people is hilarious. Is it true? Well, if you are one of these people, then maybe you know the answer to that question. I still hope, being a geek, that I do not fall under the assumption that I continuously criticize people. There is no reason why I would really. Most people I know are good spirited, caring and ultimately have their heart in the right place.

So have a look at this diagram and tell me what you think. Are these stereotypes that predictable, and do they really live up to everything mentioned in this? Either way, this piece of humor will give you a quick giggle and a great start to your day. Heck, you might even find new friends because of this little diagram. I mean, your next follow on Twitter or your next befriending on Facebook might be in a different category such as a jock or a goth just because of this little piece of badass humor sheet.

Nerd Jock Goth Venn Diagram