Versatile Silicone Products That Will Change Your Life

Silicone dominates the kitchen world due to its remarkable heat resistance. Cupcake liners, spatulas, bowls, egg molds, garlic peelers, you name it, there is silicone somewhere in the construction. Its durability and easiness to clean making it one of the most used materials in the world.

What stands out is the versatility it brings. Silicone materials are very flexible and water repellent, thus they can store almost anything. These silicone products will redefine your definition of creativity.

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Freezer Trays

Silicone ice cube makers are no stranger to anyone with a fridge. They come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. They made your summer cocktails more fun and delighted, but they can contain more than just plain ice.

You can use these to make ice cream. Many Japanese ice cream companies have come up with an instant powder that takes advantage of these trays. Mix the powder with water then add to the trays. After some time in the freezer, you will have flavorful ice cream cubes that melt right in your mouth.

These silicone freezer trays also make excellent food storage. The material preserves flavors better and longer, plus very flexible to get food out. They are perfect for containing baby food in small but plenty of portions. You can shop for ones with a clip-on lid so that nothing leaks out.


Speaking of babies, silicone products are heroes to busy parents these days. Raising a child is challenging enough, so cleaning and washing should be easy and time-saving. This is where silicon provides practical alternatives to parents’ shopping list.

Silicone bibs, which are soft and light, makes it comfortable to wrap around your baby’s neck. The waterproof and stain-free material washes away parent’s worries about stains. The product provides maximum convenience for parents as they are easy to wipe and dishwasher-safe. They come in a variety of colors that will thrill your child.

What happens to those bibs when your babies grow up? Silicon is remarkably enduring so that you can use them as hanging containers. Put them in the bathroom to carry soaps, or stick them on the wall to store keys and small accessories. Use them creatively and save tons of money.

Smoking Pipes

Smoking connoisseurs must have seen increasing use of silicone smoking pipes nowadays. If you are always worried about breaking your glass pipes, silicone pipes will make a perfect replacement.

Besides its durable nature, silicone pipes provide other benefits over traditional glass pipes, bongs, and bubblers. They are much easier to clean. You can bend it any way you want to wipe out all the corners. You also don’t have to spend money on cleaning fluids.

The light, food-grade material makes it convenient to carry around. High-quality silicone pipes can be a bit pricey, but they can last for years without discoloration. They come in plenty of shapes and colors, so you will never go out of style.

Tea Infuser

Tea lovers already know that traditional loose leaves preserve better flavors than instant tea bags or powder. They give off a sharper aroma, not to mention a wider variety to choose from. Long gone are the heavy teapots that take too much space and time to clean.

The portable silicone tea infusers make tea time more pleasant than ever. You can find them in any form: leaves, lollipops, submarines, even unicorns. They add dimension to your brewing experience.

Small and compact, silicone tea infusers are handy to make a single cup of tea. Traditional tea balls made from steel may get rusty, but not silicone ones. Tea will genuinely shine when brewing with the right tools.


Forget bowls and dishes. Korean designers Maezm have come up with a novel concept that change the way we prepare food forever. This all-in-one table cover takes minimal space and time, yet brings tremendous utility.

The tablecloth is unique for its flexible silicone material. Spread it over any surface and form as many shapes as you want. From there you have a flexible sheet of “dishes” that can hold any food and liquids.

It can be folded easily so that you can bring it anywhere. Use the cover to contain ingredients for a BBQ night, or throw a small party without carrying too many containers. Remove all at once and wash it afterward. It is dishwasher-safe too, so very worth purchasing.

Something To Consider

One thing to look for in any silicone product is the BPA-free feature. As you will come in direct contact with most products, it is important to stay away from this harmful chemical. You should also avoid other nasty materials like PVC, lead, latex, or phthalates. Silicone products are light and portable. They will save you time, money, and enhance your creativity in unexpected ways!

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