Visas Required To Live Or Work In Australia

Australia is a very welcoming country when it comes to offering non-Australians opportunities to live and work in the vibrant and sunny southern country.

In most cases, you will require a visa to be legally allowed to migrate to Australia. There may be an abundance of reasons why someone would like to move to Australia; it could be for work, study, family-related or to be with your partner, or even protection from your native homeland.

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Business Visas

Migrating to Australia on a business visa can be quite complex. The qualifying process can become quite difficult and the Australian government requires a lot of information to determine the genuine and eligibility of an applicant requesting a visa. You need to make sure you seek the right information during the application process, in order to avoid unforeseen delays or costs that could be associated. Some of the business visas that are often applied to work in Australia include:

  • Business Innovation – This can include permanent residency for an applicant that owns or manages a business that operates within Australia.
  • Business Talent – This visa generally attracts people who have skills that are required for a specific company, industry, or trade within Australia.

There are other business-related visas that can help you migrate to Australia, however, it’s best to speak to your Immigration Lawyer to determine the best option for you. In many cases, you may need to have a job lined up to be eligible.

Family Visas

There are many family-related visas within Australia that are often applied for. The Australian immigration department tries to bring families together should they meet the following requirements:

  • Contributory Parent – This visa allows you to live in Australia if your child is already an Australian citizen. In many cases, the child would have been born in Australia or one parent an Australian.
  • Child Visa – This is when a parent wants to sponsor a child from outside Australia, often part of an adoption process or if one parent is Australian and the child is born outside Australia.
  • Carer Visa – A visa that allows an individual to move to Australia to care for a relative.
  • Orphan Relative – A visa for an orphan child to live with their relative in Australia.

Student Visas

The most common student visa is the Student Visa 500. To be eligible for this and have any success during the application process, the potential student must already be accepted at a tertiary or educational institution within Australia and have organized appropriate financial (or welfare) arrangements for the intended duration of stay in Australia (if under 18 years of age).

Partner Visas

Partner visas allow the married, or defacto, partners of Australian citizens to become Australian permanent residents or to remain in Australia for a period of time. Common partner visas include:

  • Prospective Marriage – A temporary visa for those who want to bring their partner or fiancé to Australia to get married.
  • Offshore Partner – This allows your spouse or de facto to live in Australia. They must be outside Australia initially to apply.
  • Onshore Partner – This is the temporary visa for your partner to live in Australia and the first stage toward becoming permanent. This is common if you’ve met your partner while they’re here traveling or studying and would like to stay long term with their newfound partner.

Refugee & Protection

These visas are for those who need to migrate to another country that’s in the best interest of health and wellbeing, often to protect the applicant against discrimination and abuse in their home country.

We asked Arc Migration Director Ehsan Azadi about the process of applicants applying for their preferred visa and he said that “not all applications are as simple as one another. It’s in any person’s best interest to contact an immigration or migration agent to discuss what their best options are, as often the visa you think you need, isn’t often the best one that will help you be approved by the Australian government.

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