Rare VW Bus Toaster And Toast For Your Next Hippie Inspired Breakfast

Nothing says, “I’m cool, and you should want to be my friend” quite like a VW bus. It’s a classic, and if you are even a little bit of a hippie, you probably love this bus. I don’t see them around much anymore, but I’m sure there are still some that are alive and well. When I saw this VW bus toaster and toast, I knew I had to share them with you. Not only is this the grooviest toaster I’ve ever seen, it even toasts a VW on the bread.

Unfortunately, this VW toaster and toast are not for sale in retail stores. There were only 5,000 of these cuties ever made. Rumor has it that they were only available at Volkswagen dealerships in Japan. Back in the day, the dealerships gave these out to the first 5,000 VW bus owners who brought their bus in for service.

If you absolutely have to have one of these, there is one available here on eBay right now for $488.88. Gulp! That’s a lot of money for a toaster and toast with an emblem on it, but I’m sure someone will pay it. After all, Volkswagen bus lovers are very passionate. I remember about a year ago when the blue Volkswagen Bus camping tent was everywhere online, and it sold out in minutes.

Toast art is apparently very popular in Japan, so it makes sense that they would have given this special toaster and toast away. If you want to see more neat toasts, click over to this collection of adorable toast art. There have also been some high tech toast achievements too, like the toaster that burns the weather forecast on your toast in the morning. Sure, it would be easier to just flip on the weather channel or look it up online, but where’s the fun in that? I want one of these VW toasters baaaad.

Volkswagen Bus Toaster And Toast

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    Where can I buy one Volkswagen toaster & toast