Why VPNs Are A Must Have For Travelling Abroad

Virtual private networks (VPN) are designed to protect your identity and increase your security. This is becoming a requirement when surfing at home when traveling using public networks this has become a must-have. In this post talks about why when on any kind of public network a VPN should be your new normal.

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Without question, a VPN keeps you far more secure than not using a VPN. They work by creating a tunnel of encrypted data that is passed back and forth to the sites you are visiting. This prevents the data being ‘snatched’ by hackers and it keeps your anonymity safe.

If you login to a public wifi system without using a password and username, this means that all of your information from emails, files on your device, banking information and credit cards is all there for a hacker to grab. Best you get a VPN and to make this information useless to hackers.

Avoid Censoring

Depending on where you are in the world some websites are blocked from being accessible. For example, YouTube is blocked in China and several other Asian countries. There is censorship prevailing in other countries too. If you are traveling overseas and you want to access your favorite sites the only way to do this is with a VPN.

A VPN is useful for many things and this is just one of them. With laws that are coming into play in Europe to tighten government censorship further which will almost certainly be mirrored in other countries, VPNs will become essential to make use of the internet and its vast resources.

Prevent Banking Issues

Banking issues can be a real issue without a VPN. If for example, you access your bank’s website outside of your home country without informing your bank you are overseas, they will block your access. As you can imagine this is the worst and requires phone calls after the panic has died down.

A VPN avoids this scenario as the bank will not be able to detect you are outside of your home country.  It also protects sensitive passwords from being stolen.

Watch TV

If you watch a lot of subscription TV you will know that services like Netflix are regional. When overseas your logins won’t work and you won’t be able to watch the programs you want. A VPN ensures that you can login to your home country’s services and all of the programs will be available to you.

If you are planning to get a VPN for this purpose check that the streaming service hasn’t blocked your VPN. Netflix cracked down on VPN use preventing access by many services. Make sure you research the VPN to ensure that it can be used to watch streaming services from your chosen providers.

For more information on VPNs check out this Computerworld article. It has a lot of good information.

VPNs are becoming a must-have for home and already are for traveling overseas. Makes sure you are equipped with a good one.

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