Different Ways To Lower Your Electric Bill

Learning about the use of electricity can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Certain techniques of saving electricity may require sacrifice on your part. Some others only require a little commitment to save money. The variety of techniques below allow everyone to find something that works best for them.

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Saving Electricity While Cooling Your House

Spruce Up Your Home With Light Colors

Dark colors absorb heat. Painting your home white (particularly the ceiling) may naturally reduce the heat inside your house and the use of the air conditioning unit.

Check The Air-Cooling System

Your air conditioning unit can be quite unproductive if it’s not in working order. Hire a repair service to inspect the unit to make sure it is functioning efficiently.

Protect The House From The Heat

One easy way to keep your home cool is to stop the heat from coming inside. This may involve some small home fixes (caulking replaced or repaired, window seals inspected, etc.), but many times it just requires simple changes in your lifestyle.

Save Energy With Off-Peak Rates That Are Low

Some electric companies charge more for energy used during particular times. Call your service provider to find out if this applies. You’re usually billed less for energy used during the night. Try to do some energy-intensive duties during this particular period and make a schedule of consumption.

And if you are just unhappy with your provider’s overall offer maybe you can change it. For example, some USA states like Texas have deregulated their power sector, which means you can choose from many providers, and not just the ones that the state offers you.

Texans have a different issue now, actually choosing the best one. Luckily that information is available online on websites like Electricityrates, which shows you a clear picture of what every provider has to offer.

Implementing Zone Cooling And Heating

Do not control the temperatures of rooms which are not in use such as storage rooms. They don’t need to be cooled for your comfort.

  • Close the doors of all these rooms
  • Close air vents. (Remember that many heating and cooling air vents cannot be closed 100%, because if all are closed the particular back-pressure overloads the mechanism and shuts down the machine.)
  • Outside windows can be opened in most of these rooms when they get too hot and when it is dry and cooler outside.
  • Bedrooms must be kept at controlled temps while sleeping, but not during the daytime.
  • Living areas need to be kept at regulated temperatures while in use.

Purchase Energy Star-Certified Products

The federal program, “Energy Star,” certifies the electrical efficiency of products. Energy saving products can cut down on your utility bills and save you money. Everything from furnaces, TVs, refrigerators, light bulbs, and washing machines are energy-efficient products. This is why most of these Energy Star Certified products will save more electric consumption than older models of these products.

If you are in charge of a factory or an industrial business, then buying energy-efficient machinery is a must to reduce your commercial energy costs.

Switch Off Power When Not In Use

Switch off all fans and light bulbs when you’re not using them. Most kitchen appliances also use energy while they are plugged in.  Don’t forget to unplug the appliance and switch off the buttons. There are units installed in these appliances which consume electricity continuously if the power button is off but the plug is still in the socket.

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