Ways To Prevent Blockage Of The Nose In Toddlers

Winter season comes with dry air which leads to congestion. Kids can find congestion difficult or even same goes with the adults as it may create hurdles while breathing fresh air or oxygen.

Congestion in kids occurs because of the mucus and there are several ways through which one can prevent and treat blockage of the nose in toddlers. It is very common to catch a cold during the winter season and if not taken care of cold, it can turn worse and cause high temperature etc.

Like other common winter diseases, we give antibiotics to the kids and adults to prevent cold. But this is not the case with congestion or blockage of the nose as antibiotics don’t work at all because cold is a kind of virus.

And in many cases, it goes away naturally without any specific treatment. But if your toddler is suffering from cold or congestion then keep on reading this blog till the end.

Let us have a look at some of the very easy and common techniques through which one can treat the cold or congestion in toddlers very quickly and most of these techniques can be performed at home only.

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Ways To Prevent Congestion In Toddlers

There are several ways through which you can prevent and treat the congestion of your kid. These methods are quite easy to perform and very effective at the same time. Let us dig into some of the ways or techniques to prevent congestion or cold in toddlers very quickly.

1. Non-Veg Soup Or Any Kind Of Soup

This is one of the easiest remedies to prevent cold or congestion in kids. One can make any type of soup and give it to their kid and it will help the upper respiratory way to ease and can prevent the symptoms of congestion easily.

Experts say that chicken soup is quite good to give during the time of congestion and it helps to prevent it with a much faster speed. The soup will fill up the belly of your kid and make him strong at the same time.

2. Steam Treatment

This is one of the oldest and most used methods to prevent congestion in toddlers and adults by giving the steam inside their nose. Make sure you do it properly as you require hot water for steaming treatment, check whether the stream is hot enough to prevent congestion or not.

Congestion happens because of the dry air but heat and warmth can reduce its symptoms. One can also try to fill the room with steam for moisture and warmth for reducing the symptoms of congestion. For that, you can turn on the tap of hot water and close the door of the room and after a couple of minutes, your room will be full of steam.

3. Humidifier

A humidifier is considered to be an aid during the time of cold because of the warmth it produces and also leaves a soothing fragrance in a room. A humidifier helps to keep the air moist and helps to prevent cold and cough, so one can try this method at their home.

Keep a humidifier on while your child sleeps and try this for a few days before the congestion is gone. Always clean your humidifier after using it.

4. AirPhysio

The AirPhysio Average Lung Capacity is specially designed for most of the teenagers and adults. When mucus gets accumulated in lungs, it makes breathing difficult. OPEP therapy has been proven to lose the mucus and clear the airways. This helps in making the lungs work more effectively naturally.

The oscillations in the AirPhysio device help in the natural cleaning process of the body thus aiding you to maintain optimal lung hygiene by restoring the lung capacity. AirPhysio is lightweight and simple to use.

5. Water

Though when someone has a cold and cough or congestion he or she tries to drink very less water but one should not do it. Try to give more and more water to you kid, so he or she can cough easily without any complications.

It is proven that liquids can thin the mucus to some extent. Try to give as much water as you can and it will treat and cure the congestion in a couple of days. If your child is not drinking enough water from a bottle or cup, then try giving water through a straw.

6. Correct Sleeping Spot

This may sound silly but one can treat congestion by making some changes in a toddler’s sleeping position or spot. The congestion gets worse during the night time and it may disturb the sleep at the same time and can make someone feel restless.

Try to keep your kid’s head and back straight while sleeping and it will help in the treatment of congestion for sure.

7. Medicine

Congestion can disturb the sleep and can cause pain in various body parts of the area if not treated properly. Give light pain relievers to your kid, so he or she can feel no pain at all.

You can give Ibuprofen to your kid and it will help in relieving pain. If your baby is newborn then try contacting a professional pediatrician.

8. Nose Sprays

Buy a nasal spray from the market and spray it gently in the nasal and keep on doing this twice a day till the kid gets relief. You can also use a bulb suction tube or syringe after using the nasal spray for fast results. But don’t try suctioning treatment if it hurts the child.


These are some of the ways through which one can prevent and treat congestion at home easily. But if your child is not getting well, then try consulting a doctor immediately.

If your kid is newborn or 1-2 year old, then it may become difficult because he or she won’t be able to communicate. Congestion should never be ignored at any age. So treat congestion as fast as you can to avoid serious problems.

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