Wegovy Is Now Approved By The FDA For Weight Loss

Wegovy is the first FDA-approved drug since 2014 that has been directly linked to helping treat being overweight and obesity in adults. Initially approved by the FDA back on June 4th of 2021, Wegovy is a relatively newer prescription therapy treatment on the market today to help patients who are overweight from a clinical standpoint. When used properly in combination with exercise and healthy eating, it helps patients not only get their weight off initially but to keep the weight off, as well.

Wegovy is administered via a subcutaneous injection, meaning that it’s injected directly into the fatty tissue that is found underneath the skin. For those who are unsure where exactly they fall in terms of their weight, it’s a good idea to reference a body mass index (BMI) chart. If your BMI is greater than 27 (BMI≥27), you’re classified as being overweight.

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However, if your BMI is greater than 30 (BMI≥30), you are classified as obese. The sad truth is, nearly 70% of Americans today are considered to be either overweight or obese or were at one point throughout their lives. It’s a serious health concern and can lead to other serious health issues down the road if left undiagnosed.

Thankfully, Wegovy can help patients overcome their battle with their weight. Wegovy can be prescribed by your primary care physician, or it can even be easily  prescribed online through companies such as AgelessRx that specialize in prescription therapy treatments such as Wegovy injections.

How Does Wegovy Help with Weight Loss?

Wegovy works to mimic a hormone known as GLP-1 found within our bodies. GLP-1, otherwise referred to as glucagon-like-peptide-1, works to specifically target the areas within our brains that control our appetite and food intake. Users tend to start with a relatively low dose of Wegovy initially and increase their dosage over time to the maximum 2.4 mg per injection.

When the dosage is gradually increased over 16-20 weeks, it helps to reduce any prevalent side effects, especially gastrointestinal side effects that are otherwise common. To truly test the efficacy of Wegovy, there was also a 68-week trial study ran, and the results were published by the FDA.

How Does Losing Weight Contribute To Having A Longer Life?

Aside from losing weight simply to help improve your overall body image, there are also significant health benefits associated with weight loss as well. In fact, losing weight can help to lengthen your lifespan significantly.

Even for individuals who only lose about 5-10% of their excess weight, the CDC suggests it can help them to see improvements in their blood sugars, blood cholesterol, and blood pressure! Listed below are some of the other benefits of losing weight that can help to not only improve your life expectancy but your quality of life, as well.

Improves Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

When individuals lose weight, they also tend to notice a significant improvement in their blood pressure and cholesterol levels. For those who are considered to be overweight or obese, their heart has to work significantly harder to pump blood throughout their bodies. However, as they lose weight, their blood pressure levels tend to also decrease because less work is required by the heart.

The same can be said about cholesterol levels. As we lose weight, we reduce the amount of fat within our bodies, thus also making us less prone to developing inflammation and higher cholesterol levels. By improving upon blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it helps to prevent other health concerns from arising that could potentially impact your expected lifespan in general.

Lowers blood sugar levels

The more fat our bodies possess, the more prone our bodies become to insulin resistance. Overall, as we lose weight, our bodies are better able to produce insulin and use the insulin being produced efficiently.

According to The John Hopkins Digestive Weight Loss Center, by losing only 5-10% of your body weight, you can significantly improve your blood sugar numbers. Lower blood sugar levels help to prevent other health concerns from arising that could impact your life expectancy, especially the development of diabetes.

Improves Mobility

Although it shouldn’t be any secret, losing weight also contributes significantly to improvements in your overall mobility. When your weight becomes out of control, it can drastically impact your ability to move around freely and your mobility overall.

However, as individuals lose weight, they should also notice improvements in their ability to move freely. Exercise and being mobile are also extremely important when it comes to ensuring you live a long and healthy life, and Wegovy can help you to lose weight so you can do just that!

If you or someone you know struggles with their weight, Wegovy may be a great option to consider! Learn more, or reach out to a healthcare provider to get started today.

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