2-Week Weight Loss Plan That Comes With A No Nonsense Guarantee

Most dieticians and nutritionists suggest that it is not safe or healthy to lose more than 1-2 pounds of weight in a week. Unfortunately, losing weight at such a slow pace discourages most people, and many individuals give up on their weight loss plan after a few days because they do not see any visible results whatsoever.

However, a new 2-week weight loss plan has recently emerged that claims to assist in losing 8-16 pounds in just a fortnight. The creator of the 2 Week Diet System, Brian Flatt, states that this weight loss system is the secret behind the fitness of body builders and models alike and is backed by data from solid studies conducted by top nutritionists and doctors.

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Flatt claims that the “Eat less, Exercise More” methods of losing weight advocated by mainstream fitness experts are a ploy to ensure that the weight loss happens at a snail pace, which in turn means more revenue for such businesses. [pullquote]His revolutionary secret to losing weight does not involve starving yourself, nor does it rely on back breaking exercise or shady diet pills.[/pullquote]

What is more, according to Brian, this 2-week weight loss plan will not only help you shed 8-16 pounds, it will also make you drop 2-3 dress sizes and will tone your waist and other problem areas while boosting your metabolism. If you follow this plan for just 2 weeks, you will notice visibly healthier skin, decreased cellulite and heightened energy throughout the day. Furthermore, this 2-week plan promises to provide long lasting results and an improved fitness level in general.

A certified personal trainer and fitness consultant, Brian suggests that the key to weight loss is finding out the reason behind your extra fat. These reasons could include an obsession with counting calories, incorrect information about weight loss and switching from one diet plan to the next, or the commonly ignored reason for weight gain, cellular inflammation. He emphasizes the importance of a personalized diet plan that takes into consideration the individual’s hormones and dietary needs.

Brian also encourages people to learn to distinguish between bad calories and good calories and to analyze whether they suffer from chronic cellular inflammation that is getting aggravated by the food they eat. He further addresses the concerns regarding rapid weight loss and states that it is not the speed at which you lose weight that can pose a threat to your health but resorting to incorrect methods to achieve the same.

[pullquote]Accumulation of fat in the body makes it more susceptible to life threatening conditions such as heart disease, liver disease, and diabetes.[/pullquote] Therefore, a weight loss plan that burns the fat quickly, without resorting to unhealthy tricks, is the need of the hour.

The stubborn fat in our bodies is a result of the storage of unused fatty acids in the form of bulky triglycerides. The body can burn the fatty acids for energy but not these triglycerides, which is why the 2 Week Diet System focuses on breaking down the triglycerides into fatty acids and on burning these fatty acids at a faster rate.

It incorporates essential nutrients into the diet and eliminates all the foods that can slow down the rate of burning fat. This 2 Week Diet plan is available in the form of 4 handbooks, The Launch Handbook, The Diet Handbook, The Activity Handbook, and The Motivation Handbook, which contain the insider secrets about weight loss, tips to create a customised diet plan, optional exercises to expedite the weight loss and motivational content to keep you inspired throughout the journey respectively.

This bundle of the four handbooks is currently available in downloadable form for $37, a small price to pay for dramatic weight loss before a family event and to maintain a healthy weight throughout your lifetime. What is more, Brian also offers a “No Nonsense Guarantee”, which means that he will provide a 100% refund to anyone who does not achieve satisfactory results after following the plan diligently. When the founder of the plan is so confident about its effectiveness, it is well worth a shot to try it out to lose all the flab that you have been struggling to burn since years.

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Finally – A 2 Week Weight Loss Plan That Actually Melts The Fat Away

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