Weird Festivals Around The World [Infographic]

All around the world there are different cultures which celebrate different things. What might seem weird and odd to you might make perfect sense to someone else. You can’t judge people for their customs since they are part of people’s culture. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t think some celebrations are a little bit odd around the corners, if I may put it like that. There are quite a lot of weird festivals around the world which will probably make you wrinkle your nose just from reading about them. Of course, some are more weird than others. The chance that you are celebrating one of these where you live is quite high, and we would definitely want you to tell us about it if you have time. I am sure a lot of people would love to hear about it.

This quite unique infographic lists 12 festivals that happen in different months throughout the year around the world. It’s called Weird And Wonderful Festivals Around The World, and it is a project that HRS put together. It’s amazing what people celebrate, and I can’t help but wish I could check them all out, even though I most likely wouldn’t participate in all of them.

As I read through this, I keep smiling at all of the insanely hilarious and seemingly fun festivals. Wife carrying in Finland is one example. I think I have heard of that one before, but I didn’t make much of it at that time. Now it seems it is quite a big event, and it would be fun to see how some people have perfected their skills in this particular competition. I think almost everyone has heard of the bull race in Pamplona, Spain. It’s very dangerous, but still people sign up by the thousands to participate. Which one would you absolutely not participate in and which one would you totally join?

Festivals can be celebrated in a lot of ways, and these are just some of the most weird ones. There are probably thousands and thousands more of these around our blue globe. Maybe there will be a part two of this infographic soon, or maybe we are just left trying to find them ourselves. You can be sure of one thing, and that is that no matter how weird it might seem, some people want to celebrate these things, and that is what makes our world such a wonderful place to live.

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Via: [Cool Daily Infographics]