What Are The Best T-Shirt Colors For Semi-Formal Wear?

Many men rejoiced upon finding out that they could substitute their stuffy shirts with a tee under their blazer or even a suit. With changing times, it’s only natural to prioritize comfort, even at work and other places that require semi-formal dress codes.

But while there’s much more freedom, it doesn’t mean guys should disregard style or respect semi-formal wear calls for. That includes choosing the right t-shirt color, so let’s explore the best tee colors for the semi-formal dress code.

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Semi-Formal Dress Code

It’s not that easy to pinpoint what precisely a semi-formal dress code encompasses, but it balances somewhere between sophisticated formality and flexibility. However, if in doubt, always lean towards the formal end of the spectrum. Semi-formal is most often required at weddings, rehearsals, work events, cocktail parties, or such places as the theater or concert halls.

Semi-Formal vs Formal

But, what’s the exact difference between the semi-formal and formal dress codes? Well, formal wear doesn’t really allow any compromise, it always requires a tie or a bow tie, and the suits are always black and classically cut.

It’s less stressful with the semi-formal dress code. You can choose loser fit, different colors, and even mix and match your top and bottom colors. It’s up to you to decide how you will add personality and use the flexibility of this dress code.

You can skip the tie, choose a blazer with a more exciting pattern, and of course – swap the shirt for a tee!  What makes the dress codes similar is that they both require you to be classy and respect the occasion.

T-shirt With A Suit Or A blazer

The guys get most excited about the prospect of skipping the shirt, and that’s true; you can easily wear a tee under your blazer or suit. Keep a few things in mind, though. Firstly, the quality of the tee. Always get only the high-quality t-shirts to avoid looking sloppy and careless.

The second thing is the fit. Yes, you don’t want a baggy tee, but don’t overcorrect with a super tight tee that will make you look like you’re showing off your guns. Find that perfect balance of a tee that’s flattering but not ridiculous. Lastly, make sure you get the colors right.

How To Choose Colors

Let’s get the one thing straight – bright colors have no place under your suit unless Tom Ford himself put the tee on you, or you’re going to an 80s themed party. The best call is choosing the T-shirt in the same color family as your suit (here’s where a color wheel can come in handy).

So pair your navy suit with a dusty blue, burgundy suit with salmon or dusty pink and a black suit with a light gray or charcoal tee. This way, you avoid poor color clashes or attracting unwanted attention.

If in doubt, you’re almost always safe with these t-shirt colors for your semi-formal outfit. White, off-white, and ivory are always a safe pick. You can find some great white crew-neck tees here: freshcleantees.com/products/white-crew-neck. Besides white, these are also great colors:

  • Black and charcoal
  • Navy and dark blue
  • Different shades of gray
  • Brown, burgundy, olive

And don’t forget to use your eyes when pairing your blazer or suit with the tee. Simply lay one next to another and see how it looks. If you don’t trust your senses, ask a friend for help.


There are conflicting opinions about wearing a graphic tee under a suit or a blazer. While it can be done right in certain situations, it’s very difficult and inappropriate for a semi-formal dress code in 99% of cases. So to avoid any confusion and embarrassment, just leave your graphic tee for other situations, and don’t play with fire!

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