What Is Cannabis Microdosing And Its Benefits

The cannabis industry has seen exponential growth over the past decade. Since now more and more countries are changing, if not have already changed, their path towards the legalization of marijuana for both the medical and recreational use of this plant, new information is constantly being discovered on its health benefits and many different consumption methods.

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What Is Microdosing?

Microdosing isn’t something exclusive to marijuana, it simply refers to the action or practice of taking very small amounts of a drug, aiming to test or benefit from its physiological effects and minimize the other undesirable side effects. When it comes to cannabis, microdosing is a great usage alternative taken by many frequent users who are seeking to consume the plant without letting it affect their productivity in a negative way.

By microdosing marijuana, you will not get too high, or in fact not high at all, but it will give you the possibility to make the most out of all the rest that the plant has to offer, while still being able to be lucid and responsible.

The Effects Of Microdosing Cannabis

One of the biggest benefits of microdosing cannabis includes its capacity to enhance the mood and trigger your creativity helping you find inspiration. After a marijuana microdose, you’ll ideally still feel an emotional and psychological elevation, the place around you might look happier and you might also get more talkative and social than usual. Nevertheless, by microdosing, you’ll skip the part of weed consumption that involves feeling in a daze and too high to function.

Microdosing cannabis is a great method for boosting your workflow and enhancing your state of mind, reducing intoxication to the minimum so that you can still go on with your normal life. After you’ve microdosed you might notice that you are more effective at work, or that you feel better for meditating or doing sport.

How To Microdose Cannabis

When it comes to the how there are a few things to keep in mind, such as the amounts of cannabis, the frequency of its consumption, and the type of strain to take. There is no precise amount of weed a microdoser should take, it’s more of a testing-and-seeing-for-yourself type of thing, the formula is just smoking a little but often.

When it comes to how much it is strongly tied to your tolerance, if you are a frequent cannabis user then odds are that you will need bigger amounts to get the same effects than a new user would achieve with much less. One good general rule to follow is: start slow and low, and push things higher until you find what works.

One last major aspect to consider is the type of strain of choice. On this point, there are two things to consider, whether you’re interested in CBD or THC dominant strains and then choosing between Indica, Sativa, or hybrids.

To make sure that you are fully aware of the effects of each strain, we would suggest checking with a seed bank such as Fast Buds to inform yourself about the benefits of each type of autoflowering cannabis seeds. Once you find exactly the plant that matches your expectations, you can try purchasing buds that resemble it, or even start your own home garden and harvest them for yourself.

Should You Try Microdosing?

The short answer is yes! Why not? Microdosing cannabis is easy and safe, you can do it any way you’d like, smoking, vaping, taking edibles, cannabis oil, or any other consumption method that appeals to your mind. Just remember to take note of the amounts that worked effectively for you so you can follow that path.

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