Here’s What Your Clothing Choices Say About You

Nobody likes to dress in exactly the same way as everybody else, as per human instinct we are rather individualistic. Sure, it is necessary to have people dressed in uniform for work-related reasons, but if we all dressed the same all of the time the world would be a rather boring place.

Just look at the variety on show at a formal dinner, when in theory everyone has to stick to a dress code. It is also interesting to see how people dress, and then to see how it relates to their personality because in general, clothing is an extension of your personality. Here we are going to take a closer look at what your clothing choices say about you.

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Casual Dressers

Dressing casually is something that some people find incredibly difficult, and this too is an extension of their personality because it shows an inability to relax. When they could simply go to a charity shop or thrift store and dress trendily in something vintage, they would end up looking uptight in a preppy collared shirt and chinos.

We all have these types of people in our lives, however, experts from can advise them how to dress in a more casual, vintage manner, that will allow them to relax when they step away from the workplace. They will become a new person overnight!

Social Status

Clothing defines us, and no more so that our social status. This is because long before you get to meet someone you will be able to formulate an opinion on them from a distance, based on what they wear. It may be an indication of the shallow modern world that we live in, but it is a reality. If you see someone dressed in a sharply tailored suit with well-brushed brogues and a Swiss watch, then you are automatically going to think that they come from a wealthy background, conversely, someone dressed in an unkempt scruffy outfit will give the opposite impression.

Of course, this isn’t true all of the time, there are some people who choose to dress in a manner contrary to their status, but the way you dress generally gives an indication of social standing.


Sometimes when you see somebody it becomes abundantly clear that they are dressing to create an image, whether or not it is a true reflection of who they are. This is a reflection of the 21st Century where people dress to fit in with a crowd, rather than wearing what they feel comfortable in, and nowhere is this more true than with the teenage and early twenties age groups where image is key.

Young adults are forced to change their dress sense to fit with the ‘in-crowd’ and making the wrong choice can lead to being scarred for a lifetime. Others dress to fit a particular taste of theirs i.e. goths in black or skaters with wooly hats in the middle of summer. It is all about fitting in with your social group and portraying that particular image.

Power Dressers

We all know these types of people; they have to dress to show that they are more powerful and important than everybody else. They manage to do this successfully whether in a formal or informal setting. Well, of course, they do, they are powerful and have control over all of us after all.

Whether they have come from a business meeting or not when they attend little Jonnies birthday party wearing a power suit and high heels, they are making a statement, that yes, they have time to attend, but they will damn well make sure that everyone else knows that they are the most important person in the room.

The “I Don’t Care” Brigade

There are of course some people that really do not care about the way they look. They believe that there are far more important things in life to worry about and that dressing is purely about functionality. They will spend next to nothing on their wardrobe and update it only when really necessary. These people can often be successful and are generally well-liked, happy people. Maybe we should all take a leaf out of their book!

As we have discovered your clothing choices say a lot about your personality and status. Some people like to flaunt and show off, whereas others literally couldn’t care less and throw on the first thing they see in the morning. Whatever your personal style, remember people will judge you, so unless you have a think skin, or believe there are better things to worry about in life, you might want to consider what sort of image you are trying to portray the next time you leave the house.

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